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Liberal secular fascists are now desperate to counter us on media

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Liberal secular fascists are now desperate to counter us on media, as their entire fraud and facade is collapsing under our azaan alhamdolillah !! The shameless Munafiqs hate the constitution where it is written that Quran and Sunnah should be the supreme law but insist that we hold elections according to constitution bypassing the Islamic clauses !! Munafiq !!

Listen to this program and learn the arguments to destroy their narrative based on lies. !! Their venom against Islam is nauseating. Each one of them will be held accountable inshaAllah ! That is a promise.




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We have decided to say sorry to Geo!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Geo has sent me a legal notice today for our azaan on the social media and have threatened to file criminal cases against us unless we say sorry.

So, we have decided to say sorry to Geo !!

Sorry Geo, you are such a Munafiq, ghaddar gang of media terrorists.

Sorry, we were so lenient on you and should have kicked you harder long ago.

Sorry, our courts are so weak and afraid that we could not put you on trial earlier.

Sorry, we do not have shariat courts here else matter would be resolved in few minutes.

I hope you are happy now that we have said sorry ! :)

We have written a reply to their legal notice. Shall post it here tonight inshaAllah. For us, it would be a dream coming true to face these snakes in court where we can finally bring all the proof against them, alhamdolillah.


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Cancer of terrorism and violence is deep rooted

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Our brief package on Express News yesterday on security operations and strategy in Pakistan and Southern Punjab. The cancer of terrorism and violence is deep rooted in the organs of the state. The terrorists only exploit the vacuum of power.

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Budget – the entire focus of government is on taxes and taking loans!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

The government suck the blood of the people through thousands of direct and indirect taxes and then pay the bloodsucking Draculas of Zionist bankers !! See the figures — Almost the entire text collected is being spent on debt servicing on the loans which the governments have taken and put in their own pockets and now the people have to bleed to pay them back on Riba ! Astaghfirullah !!

Just as Zardari government, the entire focus of this Nawaz government is also on taxes and taking loans.

You will note that NOT a single rupees of income is allocated under the head “recovery of looted wealth”, that means that all the $50 billion dollars of corruption done under Zardari regime is now legalized and will NOT be recovered!! Pakistan’s defense gets on 17% of the total budget and still they say they want to reduce the defense budget but not control the corruption and luxuries!!

All those who wanted democracy, are you happy now ????

We had given the alternate systems, given the plan for a patriotic caretaker government, had written the blueprint of the Khilafat-e-Rashida model, had created the real wealth based Gold and Silver coins and had invited the nation towards the Khilafat Model. But the people wanted Kufr, democracy, Riba and Anglo-Saxon laws. Now the millat will pay for the collective sins of all. Innalillahe wa inna ilehe rajeoon !!

InshaAllah, there is khair in the end, but before that lots of blood will be spilled, lots of tears will be shed, lots of taxes will have to be paid. This is a punishment we will all have to bear.


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Battle Station BrassTacks for Mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

For the first time, we give you the glimpse of the battle station BrassTacks and the entire axis of its operations in the last 5 years alhamdolillah!!

This is a romantic mission to defend Pak Sarzameen and our Sabz Hilali parcham against all enemies, on all axis – military, economic, ideological, information, political and judicial.

The mission is not just academic to do cutting edge threat analysis and Defense Consulting but also fighting on the front line of information warfare, countering the hostile propaganda, perception management and defending the Pakistan sarzameen and the armed forces in the battle of the airwaves as well as protecting the ideological boundaries of our beloved Pak sarzameen.
You know about our presence on the social media as well as in the mainstream media where we have done thousands of critical programs on all crucial national security and ideological issues. But behind the media appearances, there are massive amount of research, policy papers, book writings, publishing, threat analysis and situation report writing which forms the backbone of this passionate ideological and romantic revivalist movement of the 21st century.

Our founding fathers created this Medina-e-Sani. It is a debt we owe to them and to the millions of our founding fathers, mothers, sisters and daughters who sacrificed all they had so that we could live with dignity in this Pak sarzameen. Pakistan is still an unfinished destiny which must be completed; Takmeel-e-Pakistan, which needs same sacrifice and passion which our founding fathers displayed with such dignity.

Most of the work you see here is just done in the last 4 years, alhamdolillah. During the mission, as we fight on the front lines, we receive heaviest of fire from the enemies of Pak Sazameen but alhamdolillah, our journey continues.

We invite you all to be part of it and join our team of cyber volunteers on the social media – on our FB page, twitter, blogs and websites – to spread the azaan.

Fighting the war of the hearts and minds is the greatest of jihad in these times when our beloved Pak sarzameen, our armed forces and our Sabz Hilali parcham is so surrounded by the enemies of all sorts.

We have chosen our path – It is living with dignity and dying with honor – under the shadow of Gumbad-e-Khizra and Sabz Hilali parcham for the sake of our beloved Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Medina-e-Sani.

Barak Allah feekum to all of you.

Office 25-04-13

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A patriotic page of mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Dear members and children, please note this critical point.

Everyday, hundreds of new members are joining this page and for them we give these guidelines:

This is a serious patriotic page of Mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan. We have a strong policy towards Pakistan, Quaid, Baba Iqbal, our ideology, identity, Khilafat-e-Rashida model, Ghazwa-e-Hind, United States of Islam and our armed forces. This page will NOT tolerate any negative comments on the above issues. Please follow our mission for some time before you start to comment on this page.

Comment with knowledge and follow our point of view on major issues before you comment. Ignorant comments will be removed. For example: when we say that judiciary is not doing justice, the comments we receive is “why are you supporting Musharraf” ? or when we say that democracy is bad, they say why are we supporting Martial Law. Such stupid comments will not just be deleted, the member will also be blocked. Follow the last one week of our posts before joining in the discussion.

DO NOT write in Roman Urdu. Use pure Urdu or English only. DO NOT use abusive language or swear words. No sectarian or ethnically biased comments.

Sorry to be harsh, but we have to control the anarchy which the media is spreading. This is a page where you get clarity, vision and wisdom. We are NOT media to lie, deceive or confuse the nation.

For us, this is a serious battle station and in battle, non-sense is not tolerated. Remain respectful, decent and courteous. You have come here on your own and we will request you to follow our rules.

Welcome to the most romantic mission of Takmeel-e-Pakistan. Together we make this journey, InshAllah.

with dua and salam


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You can contribute to mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan by buying our books

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Dear members, children,

This is an important announcement.

You know that we DO NOT accept donations from outside sources but at the same time we are flooded with requests from volunteers from all over the world who want to contribute for the sacred cause. There is no doubt that the mission needs funds but we prefer to earn the Rizq-e-Halal that Allah blesses us. We thought about it hard and have decided NOT to change our policy. Sorry — NO donations please.

But, there is a nobler way available and a middle path which suits the mission as well as allow you to contribute without compromising our policy.

All those who wish to financially contribute to the cause can buy our Book “From Indus to Oxus” and distribute it within their circle of friends and family to spread the message. Our other book in Urdu “Khilafat-e-Rashida” will also be available by the end of April InshAllah, and can be purchased and distributed. In this way, you will be directly contributing to the mission, we will receive much needed financial support and we will also NOT be accepting any donations.

Our books are available for sale and contribute directly to our mission. So now, you can contribute by buying and distributing them.

Within Pakistan, the price of “From Indus to Oxus” is Rs: 2500/=, without postage cost which can be between Rs: 200 to 300 per book via TCS.

You can buy as many books as you want and they will be dispatched to you anywhere within Pakistan, InshAllah.

You can visit our office directly in Pindi and by them


give us a call at 051-5598046,7. Following members of the Office team will coordinate with you for further details and mailing address:

Ehtesham: 03323614342

Saeed : 03235525261

Or you can email me directly at

Will let you know about the Khilafat e Rashida book when it comes. We do not have the price details yet.

For outside Pakistan:

The memoirs are priced at 25 pounds only.

You can order directly by sending the email to

UK phone number.. 07411097896 or 07414911323

InshAllah, books will be dispatched within 3 to 4 working days.

Khair inshAllah!!!

From Indus to Oxus cover

Our book is also available on Amazon for global sale.

Our UK contact is :
07411097896 or 07414911323

Jazak Allah


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Mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan – our sacred duty towards RasulAllah [sm]

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is a sacred duty we must do, beyond all religious, political or ethnic differences. This is a duty towards Rasul Allah (sm). This is mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan !!

This is Mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan — from creation to completion

Our elders sacrificed millions, their honor, lands, property, daughters to give us this beloved Pakistan. Today, our younger generation question their wisdom and sacrifices. We did not make this Pak sarzameen to live under Kufr system. Time has come that we honor our shaheeds and fight for the sacred cause they died for.

Never ask what this beloved Pakistan has given you!

Today, all political parties are based on ethnic and regional lines. This democracy is against the ideology of Pakistan which is based on regional and sectarian gangs. Pakistan is a unified nation of Muslims, born to lead the world. These political parties are pygmies with no vision for the Ummah and millat. Listen carefully — Quaid rejected all “ism” except Islam. Listen to him carefully again and again and again …..

Pakistan is now a Reality and it can never be undone!

Quaid knew that he was doing the duty of the Makki period and the destiny will give this millat another leader in times of great crisis. Each one of us should be that soldier of Rasul Allah (sm). The romantic journey continues and the awaited destiny is now closer than ever.

(Please ignore the urdu spellings mistakes. The video is made by very young patriotic volunteers. their vision and passion is breathtakingly passionate and clear MashAllah).

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Make your presence count for the millat!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Dear children and members,

an advice.

Knowledge is only useful if it is shared and distributed. be part of the mission and share the messages that we post. Keeping it to yourself would not benefit you if you do not have the courage to carry this rizq to your friends and family.

There may be many who may make fun of what we have to offer, but then, that’s where the test of your character is. How much stand can you take for what you believe in ?

There are over a hundred thousand members on this page. But the number of shares are only few hundred at the most. why ?? Are you ashamed to share this sacred mission and you are only here for curiosity?

Remember this – if your presence is not beneficial, then your absence would not be noticed as well. Make your presence here count for the millat.

Allah will only honor you if you are not ashamed to honor His deen and Pak Sarzameen. May Allah bless you always.

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Final call for Tauba to this millat

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is edited version of our speech which went on air at the Lahore Security Conference but still it is a strong azaan alhamdolillah against the system of Kufr and its treacherous managers in Pakistan. We shall upload the uncut version also soon inshAllah.

These are the final and decisive calls for Tauba to this millat and its leaders, else the judgement of Allah is closer than they assume. Khair inshAllah. Spread this far and wide and let the people know the truth.

Syed Zaid Hamid – Address at National Security Conference from cherie on Vimeo.

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