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After fall of Dhaka, Indian Army / Mukti Bahini arranged mass slaughter of Pakistanis

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

After the fall of Dhaka, Indian army and Mukti Bahini arranged mass slaughter ceremonies of Pakistanis and Bihari Muslims in Dhaka Race course ground. Thousands of Bengali Muslims were also butchered who had sided with Pakistan against India and Mukti Bahini.

In front of cheering crowds of Mukti Bahini terrorists and Indian army troops, one by one, these Pakistanis were brought, tortured, their eyes taken out and they were bayoneted in sadistic macabre rituals to please the Hindu gods.Never ever forget what Hindus did to Muslims in East Pakistan. You were never told this history before. This is what Hindus do when they get power over Muslims! By Allah, we will take revenge for every shaheed from 1947 till today, especially for the Muslims of East Pakistan who died in such helpless pain. Recite Fatiha for these brave sons of Pakistan who died because they love the Sabz Hilali parcham!

fall of dhaka
Most of these young Pakistani Bengali and Biharis who were butchered by the Indian Army one by one belonged to two students groups Al-Badr and Al-Shams who were mostly from Jamaat-e-Islami and had supported Pakistan Army against India and Mukti Bahini. These were civilian Mujahideen who fought against Muktis. After the fall of Dhaka, Indian army refused to accept them as prisoners of war and arranged their slaughter in most painful way. These are the war crimes of the Indian army for which we will take revenge. That is a promise we make to our shaheeds. Just look at the arranged massacres and butchery in the Dhaka race course ground. Such massacres were arranged all over East Pakistan after the fall of Dhaka.

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After 41 years, we have learned nothing!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Today is December 16th, the most tragic day of our history when a sequence of systematic blunders broke Pakistan.

After 41 years, we have learned nothing!!

Today, Karachi is under a lock down by an urban Mukti Bahini. Peshawar airbase is under attack as we write. Baluchistan is out of bound for outsiders. Army is fighting a massive urban war and over 100,000 Pakistanis have died or wounded in an asymmetric urban war which is on going as we write. This war is NOT due to drones. Drone by CIA are only a fractional part of this larger war being fought against Pakistan on military, economic, political, judicial and media axis.

Still, the people ask us when will that war start which we said would hit Pakistan???? We can only say Innalillahe wa inna ilehe rajeoon! This is called 4th Generation War. This war is not fought on borders. This is fought in cities as we are facing now. Look at Syria, Libya, Iraq… where is the war being fought???? Major historical cities of these great Islamic countries have turned into ruin and rubble, still people ask when will the war start???

Hazrat Ali (RA) once said “when Allah wants to destroy a people, he makes them stupid and idiots first” !!

How can we have elections in the country when we are in the midst of this anarchic war??? Elections would bring back Zardari, Altaf Hussian, Nawaz and Asfandyar Wali. Have we not learned anything at all from the fall of Dhaka???

May Allah have mercy upon this millat e marhoom !!

bhutto mujeeb yahya
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December 1971 – Bloody birth of Bangladesh

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

41 years ago, in these dates in 1971, Pakistan was dismembered and East Pakistan was separated from us. It was one of the most tragic events in our history where a series of catastrophic blunders over many years and a corrupt, coward and morally debouch political and military leadership made sure that over a million Muslims die and Pakistan is broken under an Indian invasion. Most of you were not even born at that time and do not know what happened back then. Let us tell you them in a sequence so that you know why we are so staunchly against elections in these war times.

1. Agartala Conspiracy was caught in 1969, years before the fall of Dhaka in 1971. Allah had exposed the Indian game plan to hire traitors in East Pakistan and create armed groups, Mukti Bahini. The government of Ayub Khan wanted to put the traitors on trail but the politicians like Bhutto, Asghar Khan, Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, Mufti Mehmood and Jamaat Islami defended the traitors and protested against Ayub Khan. As a result, the cases were withdrawn and elections were announced knowing fully well that Indians had created armed gangs in East Pakistan. The stage for rebellion was now set.

2. Under the threat of Mukti Bahini, Mujeeb won the elections in East Pakistan. In West Pakistan, Bhutto won the elections. Now army had a crisis. Mujeeb wanted to become Prime Minister and here Bhutto wanted to become prime Minister. Bhutto raised a slogan “we here and you there”, Idhar Hum, Udhar Tum”!! Read Ahmad Reza Qasuri’s book on the subject. Once Mujeeb was sure that Bhutto will not let him become the PM, Mujeeb rebelled openly against Pakistan on March 15th 1971 in Dhaka. Mukti went on a rampage and killed over a million Pakistanis all over East Pakistan. Read ‘Blood and Tears’ by Qutubuddin Aziz.

3. After a million Pakistanis were slaughtered, Pak Army finally moved on March 25 to destroy Mukti bahini in operation Search Light. The anti-Mukti operations continued till November 1971 and almost all of East Pakistan was secured and protected from the traitors. But during this time, Indian army was massively busy in preparing to invade Pakistan after the Monsoon season. In Pakistan, Bhutto was now set to become the PM and was acting as the foreign Minister also. But both the army leadership led by Yahya and Bhutto failed to see the Indian preparations.

4. In November 1971, nearly half a million Indian army attacked from all sides into East Pakistan. Pak Army fought gallantly (see interview of General Manekshaw) but was outnumbered and outgunned almost 1:20 or at place 1:50. Only 45 lightly armed thousand Pakistani troops were fighting against nearly half a million Indian troops and quarter a million Mukti terrorists. (read stories of battle of Hilli and Kamalpur).

5. In West Pakistan, the corrupt leadership of Yahya Khan started the military operations so late that they failed to impact the battle situation on ground in East. Between November 22 1971 to December 16th 1971, the small and tired Pakistan Army in East Pakistan was totally surrounded, isolated, without air support, without supplies and fighting on a land which was already under Indian occupation. Indians could not defeat the army garrisons at any place but then used their air support to land directly around Dhaka, bypassing the defending Pak Army. General Niazi, the commander of the Easter Command was left with no option but to accept the surrender terms. Before that, Poland had moved a resolution in UN on December 12 to demand a cease fire and withdrawal of Pak Army. If that resolution was adopted, Pakistan army would not have to face the humiliation of surrender but Bhutto tore that resolution and the last opportunity for a political solution was lost. (Google Polish resolution, UN, 1971, Bhutto).

6. From march 1971 to December 1971, Pakistan army in East Pakistan had regained East Pakistan from Muktis and was putting up a brave fight against Indians to allow the political and military leadership in West Pakistan to find a political solution. But those many precious months were also wasted by General Yahya and Bhutto.

7. Once the news of fall of Dhaka reached West Pakistan, the nation went into a state of rage. Bhutto was out of the country and was saved but the officers of the army and the people rebelled against the top leadership and Yahya had to resign, handing over power to Bhutto as the entire leadership of the army was arrested.

Today, we face the same crisis. The leadership is treacherous and corrupt and Indians have created multiple Mukti Bahinis from Khyber to Karachi. Memo scandal have been caught where leaders have been found to be conspiring to destroy Pak Army. The whole country is now under a state of war and threat of civil war is real. Traitors are known but still army is being forced to conduct elections just as they did in 1970. Indian Cold Start military doctrine is deployed and waiting to roll into Pakistan once anarchy starts in Pakistan after the elections. Army is already fighting multiple insurgencies in the country and now is being asked to hold elections as well. This is exact repeat of 1971. We fear exact result of 1971.

It is our duty to raise the alarm which was NOT raised in 1971. We must learn from history or be condemned to repeat it. This is the law of nature.

When traitors rule and take part in fake democracy and political parties have armed wings and army comes under pressure and help the traitors to become rulers, then these tragedies become inevitable. Today, we have a choice. Tomorrow, the circumstances would decide our destiny.

Time mag 1971
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Horrendous atrocities were committed in East Pakistan by Mukti Bahini

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

For the last 41 years, the Indian and RAW funded snakes in media like Hamid Mir have been barking that Pakistan Army committed the genocide of Bengali Muslims in East Pakistan. The Muslims of Bangladesh still believe these lies as all history was written by Indian army and RAW who had taken over all records of history after fall of Dhaka in 1971. Now after decades, Bengali leaders are coming forwards to expose the lies which have been spread for the last 4 decades. It is time that Muslims of Bangladesh also realize that how Indians and Soviets made a total fool of them and used their leaders to break away from Pakistan. The horrendous atrocities were indeed committed but NOT by Pak army but by the Mukti Bahini, as recorded in Blood and Tears.

The total strength of Pak army was 40,000 in East Pakistan. Total number of prisoners of war were 92,000 which included thousands of Pakistan government officials, civilians, pro-Pakistan citizens and post offices railways and PIA officers and staff. It is NOT humanly possible to commit that levels of genocide as being accused on Pakistan Army. Now even the finest of Bengali leaders are coming forward to expose the lies. Their Zameer is hurting them now. They have betrayed the Ummat-e-Rasul (sm) and now when death is staring them in the face, they want to clean their conscious. Read this and know how the snakes in media and politics lied to you.



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Heroic deeds of our Armed Forces even during a desperate war

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Almost 41 years ago, today, on December 9th 1971, Pakistan was fighting a desperate war of survival against an overwhelmingly powerful alliance of India-Soviets, Mukti Bahini traitors and the CIA to break Pakistan. We indeed suffered heavily and lost East Pakistan but there were also more heroic deeds of courage, valor and sacrifice and we inflicted most severe damage to the much superior Indian forces also. Even in desperate times, a brave commander and its vision can turn the tide in favor of the nation. Here, we bring to you a forgotten piece of history — full of romance, adventure and high intensity action in the deep seas.

In the coming days, we will expose all the players and reality of the 1971 tragedy, InshAllah. Know this history which the media will never tell you.

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Iftikhar Chaudhry, now we know why Aulia Allah are cursing you!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Iftikhar Chaudhry sahib, today you have passed a judgement against ISI’s role in politics. Let us ask you few questions. Is it OK for foreign secret services to pay money to Pakistani politicians and political parties??? Is it OK for foreign secret services to fix elections in Pakistan?? Is it OK for political parties in Pakistan to create terrorist gangs??? Is it OK for political parties in Pakistan to wage a war against Pakistan? If all this is happening in Pakistani politics, then why are you blocking ISI from keeping a check on Pakistani political parties???

1. Agartala sazish proved that Awami National Party took money from Indian RAW for a war against Pakistan and created Mukti Bahini. East Pakistan was broken because of that Indian sazish where the judiciary refused to punish the traitors and blocked ISI’s attempt to punish them. All cases were withdrawn against traitor politicians.

2. Al-Zulfiqar terrorist organization was created by Peoples Party and sons of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for war against Pakistan after funding from India, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. PPP had a terrorist wing. Are you aware of this??? Sure you are.

3. Baluchistan Liberation Army was created by separatists Baloch politicians in 70’s and traitors like Najam Sethi were part of Hyderabad Conspiracy trial for waging a war against Pakistan through foreign funding. All were forgiven and cases withdrawn against them, even today. why????

4. Awami National Party of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan has been waging a war against Pakistan for 65 years through Soviet and Indian funding. Bhutto had formed treason against them too.

5. Today, even in the Senate elections, billions of Rupees have been spent by political parties and their foreign backers to fix the elections for traitors. It is all documented and known to the world and the SC.

6. Isn’t this a fact that USAID and US embassy is heavily involved in all political deals in Pakistan these days???? Wiki Leaks exposed that even Fazal-ur Rehman had asked the US embassy to make him the PM!!

So, when foreign powers are heavily funding political parties for war against Pakistan, why should ISI be forced to keep out of keeping a check on politicians??? Are you giving a free hand to the enemies to buy and sell the politicians for war against Pakistan? Can the SC guarantee that no foreign funding or influence would come from CIA or RAW on Pakistani politics ??? If the SC cannot give this guarantee and the history and facts prove that all hostile powers are heavily influencing Pakistani politics, then isn’t this destroying the country by blocking our own army and ISI ???????

May Allah deal with you as He feel fit. We will curse you in every dua we make. Aulia Allah were already doing that Bad-Dua. Now we know why. Astaghfirullah!!!!

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We know our enemies this time and we will fight back!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Marvi Sermed, Imtiaz Alam, Asma Jahangir and Najam Sethi and the SAFMA are the snakes who now want to sell our honour to Hindus once again and would never talk of the brutal conspiracies of 1971 and the filthy role of Indians in breaking up Pakistan.

Read this article by Orya sahib and see what the former Mukti Bahini thinks of their dirty role in East Pakistan! Try to find the book mentioned in the article. In the end, Orya sahib mentions the awara media of Pakistan which will never discuss this aspect of Indian role in East Pakistan.

Today, senate has been sold through Indian money. Traitors, terrorists and seperatists have entered the Senate and would also do the same in general elections if they take place. Before this, the snakes want the role of ISI to be blocked so that RAW and CIA can do what they did in East Pakistan. By Allah, we know our enemies and this time, we will fight back!

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The entire RAW – KGB plan to create Bangladesh exposed!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is explosive! This former KGB agent who orchestrated break up of East Pakistan and created Mukti Bahini gangs, spills the beans here. East Pakistan was not a popular Bengali uprising but an orchestrated terrorist subversive plan by RAW and KGB! ( we know this from Agartala sazish also).

Also, he says that the traitors who sided with the KGB and RAW were to be killed in the end once their usefulness was over! Pakistan army did NOT lose to a popular uprising. Pakistan was dismembered due to a massive conspiracy by India, Russia and US where terrorist gangs used for subversion were used to stage a rebellion. Now you know why Mujeeb was killed by his own army 4 years later. All those “useful idiots” who are working for SAFMA and RAW today should know that their Indian handlers will kill them once the job is done or when their cover is blown! This is how RAW works! listen to this KGB man! Learn from the fate of Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq and Mujeeb-ur-Rehman and do tauba and do not betray this Pak Sarzameen!

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Agartala Conspiracy – Never again!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

In 1968, a conspiracy to divide Pakistan was unearthed. Ayub Khan wanted to hang the traitor Mujeeb-ur-Rehman who was building Mukti Bahini armed militia to rebel against Pakistan with the help of Indians. Instead of punishing the traitor, the political parties demanded elections. The result was that due to the sheer military blackmailing of terrorist Mukti Bahini, Mujeeb won the elections in East Pakistan and then rebelled against Pakistan — this begins the East Pakistan war. Indians invaded Pakistan when Pak army was busy fighting the Mukti Bahini on the streets.

Pak Army was just 50,000 troops, fighting 10,000 miles away from base, in a hostile land where urban war was waged by Mukti Bahini and Indians attacked from three sides with a force of 500,000 troops and quarter a million Mukti terrorists. East Pakistan was lost.

Today, Memo scandal has been exposed. Af-Pak, Cold Start and 4GW are waging a war against Pakistan. Army is fighting massive insurgencies backed by Indians and CIA. More Mukti Bahinis are already in the country and in the government. Instead of defending the country against internal and external threats, the politicians are again demanding elections where armed groups would dictate the results.

Those who do not learn from history are either idiots or snakes. Watch the enclosed video, circulate this and be prepared that if elections are held, you will have to pick up the gun to defend your honor. Allah does not forgive the collective mistakes of the nation.

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Blood and Tears

To all those who do not believe how the elections of 1970 divided Pakistan and how Indian exploited the political divide inside Pakistan to send in Mukti Bahini terrorists and then invaded Pakistan when Pak army was stuck in a brutal war, they should read this book Blood and Tears. Mujeeb wanted to break Pakistan and was caught red handed when Agartala sazish exposed. Ayub Khan wanted to hang Mujeeb but all politicians including Bhutto and Asghar Khan (who has now joined PTI) protected Mujeeb and demanded elections. Their stupidity led to breaking of Pakistan.

The result was that Mukti Bahini never allowed any other person to stand against Mujeeb’s party and won total seats in East Pakistan. PPP won in West Pakistan and then Bhutto refused to accept the results. The subsequent rebellion by the traitor Mujeeb led to most horrendous atrocities against Pakistani Muslims.

Indian media and propaganda put the entire blame on Pak army for atrocities against “own people” just as today they blame Pak army for “killing their own people in FATA”! Now you understand where this propaganda came from? same repeat of old drama.

What is happening today is an identical repeat of 1971. Politicians want elections when the country is in war and TTP, MQM, ANP, BLA are the Mukti Bahini of today and Indians are waiting to enter Pakistan because these elections would be similar to 1970 ones. Another conspiracy of Memo has been unearthed. If the culprits are not punished and system not cleaned of terrorists, any elections would lead to a civil war. Wake up before it is too late.

We will resist the elections with our swords! InshAllah!

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