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Fierce exposure and rebuttal of liberal fascists

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Pakistan is under attack from two extremists — religious extremists and liberal fascists, both trying to exploit each others crimes to dominate our beloved Pak Sarzameen. This was our fierce exposure and rebuttal to the liberal fascists on Dunya News tonight. Alhamdolillah, you can see that that the beyghairat Brigade has lost the argument already and now are on the defeat. They can only make personal attacks like the Khawarij of TTP but cannot argue with logic. Watch this and arm yourself with knowledge. Khair inshaAllah.

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Strategy of Khawarij and USA: Anarchic, Destructive War

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

To all those who say that why are we and the media are promoting Malala and not the victims of the drone attacks, let us explain a critical point. Understand this clearly and don’t be a victim of Khawarij propaganda.

Pakistan is under attacks from all sides now. We are fully and totally surrounded and now facing the last stages of this anarchic destructive war. This is called the 4thGW.

1. Khawarij.
2. BLA.
3. CIA / drones.
4. Media / propaganda war.
5. Government corruption / treason.
6. Judicial collapse.
7. Economic anarchy, collapse and corruption leading to social chaos.

We have to fight all these threats and axis simultaneously. Each one is important. Each threat has foreign involvement and funding from hostile secret services or forces.

So, when we fight against Khawarij of TZP, don’t start shouting that why are we not raising our voice against drones?? That would be a blunder of staggering proportions and falling for the Khawarij propaganda.

Understand this fact here that Khawarij have made a blunder by attacking an innocent child. The whole country has risen against Khawarij because of this murder attempt. This has shocked the Khawarij and they are deploying all their resources in media and cyber world to divert the attention towards Drones and so called ” crimes” of the army. Do not let them do that. For the first time, Khawarij have been put on the defensive at a national scale and we must expose them more, NOT fall for their diversionary and distraction tactics.

Khawarij are raising multiple issues against Malala. They are saying that why is media giving her so much coverage and not to the drones? Such propaganda is creating doubts in the minds of the people over the crimes of Khawarij and some are even approving unknowingly what Khawarij did to Malala.

To all Pakistanis we say, don’t be stupid. This is the time to increase pressure on Khawarij. Malala is an innocent child who was a global celebrity and was a symbol of child education against Khawarij. She was targeted by the Khawarij for a reason.

Indeed, the Americans and the Zionist controlled media would also try to exploit the case to force Pak Army to launch an operation in North Waziristan but that we understand. It does NOT mean that Zalimaan of Khawarij can shoot little girls at point blank range.

Drones are separate crimes by CIA. DO NOT mix the war strategies of Khawarij and crimes of CIA, even though Khawarij are also CIA / RAW backed. We have to fight them separately and independently using different strategies.

We can fight the Khawarij within our country but to destroy them inside Afghanistan and to destroy the drones, we have to wage a war directly against US and NATO. That we can only do when we have a strong patriotic government in Islamabad, not under the present circumstances.

So Sabr and be wise and attack the enemies one by one. Khawarij are the most immediate threat we can handle easily and must remain united against them. They have made a blunder and this must be fully exploited.

We will deal with the drones separately InshAllah. This regime must go for that and army must get full media, judicial and national support. Armies cannot go to war without total national support. Understand this. We are surrounded and the state is collapsing fast. Army needs your help against Khawarij. If you cannot help now, then stay silent at least.

Khair inshAllah


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Don’t fall for sinister propaganda against Malala Yusuf Zai!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

The Khawarij and their Congressi pro-Hindu supporters have launched a massive propaganda campaign against Malala Yusuf Zai to justify their crime against her. She is being portrayed as a CIA agent who deserved what she got. We reject this shameless and sinister propaganda and ask all members not to fall for this rubbish.

Malala is just a child and a national celebrity who met many local and foreign delegations over the years. That does not make her a CIA agent or an enemy of Pakistan. Stop this non-sense.

Indeed she said that she like Benazir, Bacha Khan and Obama but does that mean she should be shot in the head????? Does that make her a CIA or Indian agent liable to be put to death??? Does that justify the Khawarij to kill her??

How many youngsters of her age in Pakistan idealize international celebrities?? Millions perhaps! Does that mean all should be shot or all are CIA paid agents??? She is a child and a brave one who got global fame for her stand against TZP.

Her father may be from the ANP and close to the Americans but then the entire PPP, MQM and ANP and even JUI is close to the Americans too. That does NOT mean their innocent children should be shot in head. Even if she has said something against the beard or Islamic values, which we do not believe, remember that she is just a child. Any child who is not properly informed will hate Islam after what TZP did in in the name of Islam in Swat.

Stop falling for the Khawarij propaganda. She is our daughter and we love her for that. She has been shot by the Khawarij and that makes us her protector. We will defend her and take revenge from the Khawarij, the dogs of hell. May Allah give her health and wisdom to defend the honor of Ummat-e-Rasul (sm) and Pak Sarzameen.


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Zalimaan, not Taliban!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

We want to send a message to the CIA and Obama administration.

Make no mistake about Pakistani nation. The attack by TTP on Malala has united the nation against TTP as never before. But that does NOT mean that Pakistani nation is against Afghan Taliban also. We know the difference between Afghan Taliban who are the freedom fighters and the TTP, the CIA created Al-Qaeda mentality Khawarij who are backed by RAW and Karzai for war against Pakistan.

Under NO circumstances, the Muslims of Pakistan will wage a war against Afghan Taliban, Haqqani or Gulbadin Hekmatyar. But by Allah, we will wage a war against those terrorists and murderers who are created, backed and protected by JSOC, CIA and RAW. That CIA should understand clearly.To the Pakistani nation, our message is: We are re-naming TTP as TZP. Tehreek e Zalimaan e Pakistan. We do NOT want to associate these Khawarij with Afghan Mujahideen and Afghan Taliban. These Khawarij of Pakistan have deliberately used the name of Afghan Taliban to confuse the millat and the Zionists are exploiting the crimes of TZP to incite war and violence against Afghan Pashtun resistance. We know the game now.

From now on, TTP will be called TZP or Khawarij NOT Taliban. They are NOT Taliban but ZALIMAAN!

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Pak Army must start Court Martial of captured terrorists!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

After the attack on our daughter Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani nation demands that Pak Army must start Court Martial of captured terrorists and begin their execution. We demand that CJ must not block military courts as entire judicial system under CJ has collapsed and not a single terrorists has been hanged by civil courts. CJ and Govt have failed miserably to provide justice in these times of war. Now we want army to take over the duty of eliminating the terrorists in urban war!

We must realize that Pakistan is at war and civil laws don’t apply in battlefields. Today our cities are war zones and a national emergency must be declared! The Govt and Judiciary have done the biggest betrayal of this millat but not acknowledging that we are at war, hence are guilty of not protecting the nation. If the government and the judiciary continued to block the military courts and also do not punish the terrorists, then the blood of the shaheeds and blood of Malala is on their hands! Let them know that the nation is disgusted of this judicial system and its betrayal of the millat in these times of war!

Oh Allah bear witness that we have conveyed the message… Now we hand over this regime and the judiciary to you for you are the best of the judges, all powerful and revengeful against the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). Deal with them as they deserve!

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The “dogs of hell”, the Kharji TTP have attempted to silence a little daughter of Pakistan!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

The “dogs of hell”, the Kharji TTP are afraid of a little daughter of Pakistan — Malala Yusufzai — and have attempted to silence her voice for standing up to these snakes! While we do dua for our daughter, we also curse the TTP and also all the political and religious parties who still refuse to condemn TTP as enemies of the state and still refuse to support the army against these enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).

The leaders are generally “condemning” the “attack” but are NOT speaking against and attacking Hakeemullah Mehsud or Mullah Ehsan and their murderous gangs of hired assassins of TTP. This is their munafiqat and the munafiqat of media!!

TTP are Khawarij and enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). They must be eliminated by full force even if it means going into Afghanistan and blocking the NATO supplies once again. But when political leadership and media is afraid of TTP and religious leaders of DPC are led by snakes like Sharabi Tahir Ashrafi, then innocent souls like Malala and thousands like her would continue to pay the ultimate price for the collective sins of the leaders.

We will support our army and ISI even more strongly now. Attack on our daughter is another crime in the case against murderous TTP and their Hindu Mushrik backers. We will take revenge. That is a promise.

And to those Pakistani religious and political leaders and media who are still afraid to declare war against TTP and Hakeem ullah Mehsud, we say, wait for the judgement of Allah (swt). You are beyghairats and cowards and Allah does not need Beyghairats!

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