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Have you ever heard any word from this faqeer against Quran and Sunnah?

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

To all our members, children and even enemies:

When Quaid e Azam was selected as the leader of the Ummah by Allama Iqbal, many Muslims had doubts about Quaid.
Pro-Hindu Mushrik Congressi Mullahs called him Kafir e Azam. But Iqbal told everyone – Jinnah is your leader because he is incorruptible and unpurchasable !! Meaning, he will never betray the Ummah of Rasul Allah (sm) and will never sell the honor of the millat !!

When Pir Jamaat Ali shah was asked as to why Ameer e Millat had accepted Jinnah as Quaid e Azam, that dervesh replied – JInnah is not our prophet. He is a leader who is our lawyer, fighting for our case. We are duty bound to support him !!

There are many members here who are still in doubt about my intentions, faith, strategy, vision and goals. We understand. Kufr is firing with all the guns they have to create doubts.

My request to all — Have you ever heard any word from this faqeer which is against Quran and Sunnah ?? Have you ever seen any action which hurts Pakistan and Ummah ?? You can see that all the enemies of Pakistan are now united to destroy this Faqeer. These 3 signs are enough that you should NOT let doubts and waswasa come into your hearts and you must listen to the azaan which this faqeer is giving for the khair of Ummah and Pakistan.

If you don’t listen to this azaan, you will only harm yourself and Pakistan. This faqeer has never asked anything from you. Have never asked for money or status or wealth from you. Then why do you resist it, oppose it or doubt the niyat of the faqeer?? If you listen to the Congressi fatwa baaz mullahs, they will sell you to Hindu Mushriks and then there will be no time for tauba.

So for Allah’s sake, wake up and join the mission before the caravan leaves and only dusts remains behind it. This is what baba Iqbal warned you as well!!


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Iqbal’s most amazing and spiritual concept is Khudi!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Iqbal’s most amazing and spiritual concept is Khudi ! For the first time, this amazing sublime, mystical force is explained for the youth of Pakistan. Our old series, which remains timeless, MashaAllah !

Watch it, share it and inshaAllah, it will ignite the fire of Ishq and Khudi within your soul.



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One of the most fascinating, popular and soul stirring series on Iqbal

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

One of the most fascinating, popular and soul stirring series of all times on Baba Iqbal where Ali Azmat represents the modern youth to ask questions to understand the spiritual, mystical and ideological dimensions of the phenomenon of Iqbal. Iqbal Ka Pakistan has changed the lives and thinking of thousands and here we present one episode to you. Do watch this series on line. Over 45 programs which will ignite your soul. Share it with your friends and family. Revive the passion of Iqbal.


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This is what Iqbal said about democracy

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

You can do what you want but this is what Baba Iqbal said about the democracy being practiced in Pakistan today. There is khair in listening to Baba Iqbal. There is disgrace in ignoring his advice. Khair, the nation will know within days now. It is close now. Khair InshaAllah.



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Message of Tipu Sultan in Iqbal’s words

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is what our beloved Baba Iqbal wrote about Tipu — the will of Tipu for the Muslim Ummah and youth!! This message is for you today — from Tipu in the voice of Baba Iqbal. Treasure, it, understand it and apply it and live by it. This is the code of honor, real men are made of. May Allah give you all the vision, courage and character of Tipu – a life of dignity, a death of honor!


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Tipu Sultan – A military genius, inventor and mechanical engineer

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Let us tell you more about Tipu.

He was a military genius, inventor of modern military Rocket and Missile science. For the first time, he deployed Rocket units into battle against the British and devastated them.

He was a mechanical engineer and inventor who had also designed and made a huge man size lion eating a British soldier, which would also play sounds of when the tiger would eat the British. Today, this amazing piece of invention is in the London Museum.

Tipu had formed a global alliance against the British and had close military relations with Nepolean of France, Khilafat-e-Usmania and China. Tipu’s overseas trading was done with entire Middle East, turkey, China and Central Asia. He was a thinker, man of books as well as sword and a most noble humane character, kind and loving to his people.

He lost because of his treacherous Prime Minister Mir Sadeq, whose name has become immortalized with treachery and betrayal, even in the poems of Baba Iqbal. Even the British knew that as long as Tipu is alive, they can never capture India. After his Shahadat, the British General shouted “Now India is ours” !!!

After Tipu Sultan, Muslim world did not produce any leader of his caliber except Quaid-e-Azam, MashAllah! InshAllah, this new generation of Ummah will produce many tigers like him.. InshAllah!

Tipu s tiger

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“A day in the life of a lion is better than a 1000 years of the life of a jackal!”

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

In 1799, 4th May, s the day of Shahadat of the greatest Muslim leader of the 18th century – Tipu Sultan, who chose death over disgrace, lived with dignity and died with honor.

His honorable saying in the battle field, just before his death, when he was asked to surrender to the British, has become a legend in the Muslim folklore – “a day in the life of a lion is better than a 1000 years of the life of a jackal !”

Allama Iqbal visited his grave and recited emotional poems for this great warrior, leader, inventor, thinker and visionary.

It is reported that this is the picture of Allama Iqbal at the muqam of Tipu in Mysore. Iqbal inside the final resting place of Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu, Mysore, India. This picture hung in the bedroom of the Allama at a prominent place, where he could see it the instant he awoke, till his dying breath. Such was Iqbal’s love for Tipu.Iqbal at Tipu Sultan's grave

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Shaheens of Iqbal and the patriots will rise, InshaAllah

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is what the nation wants. This is NOT what the political parties promise. If any party says that they want to being an Islamic welfare state like Medina, they are lying because their manifestos are out and their agenda is clear — There is nothing Islamic about it. We had earlier given a comparison between PTI and PML(N) and had found them to be identical parties. MQM, ANP and PPP are in any case declared liberal fascists.

All political leaders should note these statistics. The tide is turning. Game has changed. Democracy and Capitalism, Anglo-Saxon laws and Riba based banking has been defeated.

Very soon, InshAllah, this democracy will fully collapse. Then Shaheens of Iqbal and the patriots will rise, InshaAllah.


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Why we made Pakistan and what have we done for it so far?

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

You must ask yourself these two questions.

Why we made Pakistan and what have we done for it so far?

There was a reason why our founding fathers felt that they had no choice but to make Pakistan or die trying. Now its your duty. Protect it or die trying…

These 8 minutes can change your entire perspective towards Pak sarzameen.

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Amazing speech of Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Our founding fathers were genuinely clear about the Islamic model of governance, economy and politics. Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang is one of the great companions of Quaid and our founding father. Here, in this amazing speech, he clearly spells out the pristine principles of the Islamic economic model and its wisdom of equatable distribution of wealth to create an Islamic welfare state.

There can be NO welfare state without following the principles of Quran and Sunnah and our founding fathers were very clear about it.

1. Economy without interest and Riba.
2. Distribution of inheritance to prevent accumulation of wealth.
3. Zakat and Usher for preventing hoarding of wealth.
4. Nationalization of strategic assets to benefit the entire society as a whole instead of capitalistic monopolies.

This is one of the most fascinating speech on economy and now you can also understand the speech of Quaid on the opening day of State Bank of Pakistan where Quaid had rejected the western economic model and had called for an economic model based on Quran and sunnah.

Know your destiny. This is mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan.

nawab bahadur yaar jang

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