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We are in Harmain, presenting the case files of Pakistan to Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

We are in Harmain, presenting the case files of Pakistan to Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)! The destiny of the Ummah is being decided in the spiritual plane and this is the time to seek Allah’s karam, maghfirah and Rehmah. Dua is presented in Makkah but they are approved in Medina, through the intercession of Darbar e Nabwi, the supreme GHQ of the spiritual world.

Our dear Baba Saleh is not well. We had to go and visit him also. He is one of the staff officers of Rasul Allah (sm) who has spent his entire life in Masjid e Nabwi shareef doing khidmat of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and is one of our our elder baba friend in Haram e Nabwi. He is a Baluch from Jacobabad MashAllah !

These are critical times not just for the Ummah, but for Pak Sarzameen also. We have given our azaan in Pakistan. Now we are here in the Supreme GHQ for the approval and barakah! InshAllah Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) will give His sacred approval!

love and dua to you all. We will be busy here and limited net access. here we are present for a duty. let us focus on that.

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Yaume Takbeer – A day of mourning for the Kuffar and Mushrikeen!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Yaume Takbeer Mubarak !! a day of celebration for the Ummah !! A day of mourning for the Kuffar and Mushrikeen !

Pakistan was created for Ghazwa e Hind ! Pak became rock solid with these weapons for Ghazwa e Hind ! This day, hearts of the enemies trembled, of brothers celebrated with joy!

The duty has just begun…. Prepare yourself… tough times ahead and the final phase of the Ghazwa is close now…

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#AllamaIqbal’s epic poems in English rendering by Owais Ghani – Book now available

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Alhamdolillah, this amazing gift is now available in hard copy !

Iqbal baba’s epic poems in English rendering by Owais Ghani sb and published by BrassTacks through the contribution of patriots.

Soft copy has already been uploaded. you can google it.

Hard copies are a treasure to have, precious to be given as gifts and read.

Pl call our office at to buy the book.

Shami. 051 5598046,7
Cell: 0332 – 361 4342

our office team will give you details on how to get it.

Jazak Allah khair to all of you.


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Khawarij and their allies in religious gangs will be nailed! #Pakistan

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Drawn by the sister of a fallen child, this heart wrenching pic bleeds our hearts. It is a reminder that we have to avenge these children, make sure that our future generations are safe and we hand over a safe, prosperous and Islamic Pakistan to our future generations.

We have neither forgotten these children, not forgiven the animals who have done this atrocity. Each one of the snake who participated in this murder will be nailed… including Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani, SAFMA, Geo, Zardari, parliament, political parties and allies of Khawarij in religious gangs… Each one will pay!! InshaAllah !

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The entire Middle East is being decimated by Israel through a gang of Khawarij called ISIS

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Just to make you understand the 5th Generation war !

The entire Middle East is being decimated by Israel through a gang of Khawarij called ISIS (Daish) or TTP in Pakistan. The Arab and Iranian leaders are busy fighting among each other, allowing space and opportunity to Jews and Khawarij to decimate Muslim lands. While Arabs treat Shias as a mortal threat, it is actually Khawarij which prepare to annihilate both Shias and Sunni Arabs. These so called leaders do not understand. It is pure short sighted, blind opportunism from both sides while Israel celebrates on millions of Muslim dead bodies, humiliating our faith, civilization, history and culture!

Same game is being played in Pakistan also, through TTP, Geo, Judiciary and govt while only Pak army is defending the country from becoming what you see here of other Muslim lands..

Those who worship the god of democracy in this country, should be buried with Khawarij!!

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A Lal Masjid follower & Mufti Naeem’s disciple assassinated Sabeen Mahmud

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

A lal masjid follower & Mufti Naeem’s disciple assassinates Sabeen Mahmud & Geo/SAFMA blame ISI in a joint attack on Pak.…nes-day-rally/

ISI must arrest Hamid Mir, Hina Jilani and other SAFMA snakes who blame ISI shamelessly in a joint attack on army & Pakistan.

It is also time to arrest Mullah Aziz & Mufti Naeem, two hardcore snakes producing Kharji terrorists right in the middle of Islamabad & Karachi.


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Army Chief has made it clear – this war can only be fought through radically unconventional means!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Army Chief has made it crystal clear — this war can only be fought through radically unconventional means!!
It does not take a genius to figure out that the SC & the army are heading towards a collision path! Army WILL go ahead with Military Courts. This is a bitter truth that snakes like Iftikhar Chaudhry have destroyed the respect, dignity of the SC. Nation trusts army NOT the SC!!
General Raheel has made it clear that army alone cannot fight this 21st century asymmetric war with the present set of 1860 laws under judiciary! In this deadly war where over a 100,000 people have died so far, this judiciary has collapsed totally, in fact sided with the terrorists!! Army wants political leadership to take responsibility for military ops in urban centers. This is 5GW. Army WILL do it at any cost IA! I would advice the politicians & the SC to read the loaded, mature, serious & patriotic statement of the COAS. He means serious business now. Both politicians & the SC will do a catastrophic blunder by misjudging the intent, resolve, rage & urgency  within the Pak army at this stage.

Other day, I took a National Security Petition in the SC. The judge saw me & made this insulting statement “we don’t want to see his face”! Iftikhar Chaudhry had shown similar bias & prejudice against all my petitions which had serious implications for National Security. Shame!
Baluchistan was burning on the allegation that army had killed Akbar Bugti. I took the petition to Iftikhar Chaudhry but he mocked & rejected. I had only demanded that Bugti’s death should be investigated. After 3 years, the petition is still in SC, not a single hearing so far!! Multiple times, I have taken petitions against media treason to the SC. Iftikhar Chaudhry always refused to hear & rejected!! Same now..
How can you expect such judges to do justice when they hold such venom against the petitioner ?? Pakistan suffers today because of them!! Baluchistan is burning because SC refused to find out the truth in the death of Akbar Bugti! BLA still exploits the lies to attack Pakistan.
Iftikhar Chaudhry need to hang for his staggering betrayal and treason of Pakistan in times of war! That snake has blood on his hands..


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Mr PM! You are a direct accused now in smuggling Gold & Cash through Taufeeq Butt!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

While Geo group is celebrating fall of BOL, one must remember that Geo group has also been declared a national security threat by ISI/Army! Axact group could be a corporate fraud only. But the fraud by Zardari, Nawaz Shareef, Altaf are million times more dangerous & treacherous.

Let’s not forget another huge Money Laundering scandal, larger than Ayan’s, which is pointing towards PML(N) leaders.

Mr. Nawaz Shareef! You are a direct accused now in smuggling Gold & Cash through Taufeeq Butt! You cannot pretend innocence now!

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Afghan Army Chief visits Pak – ISI-NDS sign MoU – Mullah Umer visits Iran!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Interesting !! When I went to Iran openly to attend conferences, meet Think Tanks and their leadership to discuss Pak Iran relations, the Khawarij in Pakistan called me Irani agent, Shia, Jew etc etc… :)

I wonder what would these Khawarij say now when Mullah Umer himself perhaps and his team goes to Iran secretly and meet the same “Kafir Shias” and reach secret agreements on future of Afghanistan ???

The Khawarij in Pakistan are the dogs of hell !! AfghanTaliban are NOT Khawarij and are Sunni Pashtuns from Afghanistan who claim to be the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan and displaced by the US occupation forces. Afghan Pashtun Taliban are NOT enemies of Pakistan nor they are enemies of Shias or Iran.

The Taliban in Pakistan are Khawarij, dogs of hell and have NOTHING to do with Afghan Taliban.

afghan taliban in Iran

Geo-Politics and games of Intelligence are most complex, most fascinating, most deadly! Not for the idiots or the cowards.

Now try to understand the puzzle! Afghan army chief visits Pak. ISI-NDS sign MoU. Mullah Umer opens office in Qatar, visits Iran! :)

It is time that Pakistan should also recognize Afghan Taliban as a legitimate party in war, allow them an office in Islamabad as Qatar did. Afghan Taliban are now talking to every country in the region openly as the legitimate rulers of Afgh, who were displaced through US invasion. Legally and morally, Mullah Umer still claims to be the ruler of the Emirate of Afghanistan. He has defeated US. He deserves recognition!

There is total panic in India now. Pak Army & ISI are displacing, ejecting India from Afgh. This is a non-negotiable issue. India cannot stay. While the US leave, Indians are trying to take charge of critical Afghan infrastructure & services like Air Traffic control. Wont happen :)

The shifting sands of geopolitics! Afghan Taliban, perhaps Mullah Umer himself, visited Iran recently! Interesting :)


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#PakArmy MUST force all Khateebs & Imams to declare TTP as Khawarij!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Its 5 months now since our children were butchered in cold blood by RAW backed Takfiri Khawarij from Deoband !!

Pak army MUST force all Khateebs & Imams to declare TTP as Khawarij, else that Imam or Khateeb should be killed as sympathizer of enemies !

In every Khutbah of Juma, the Imams MUST declare these rascal Takfiris as Khawarij, send curse upon them & support Pak army operations openly !!

The Mullahs of Deoband, JUI, JI MUST explain that why are they the only sect defending the Khawarij & refuse to call them as enemies??

If terrorists have no sect, then why only ONE particular sect is defending them??? All Ahl e Sunnah, Ahl e Hadees & Shias declare them as Khawarij.

The fact is that all TTP terrorists in Pakistan are from Deoband sect & the Mullahs of Deoband continue to defend the war of these rascals.

Any Mufti or Alim, who does not declare TTP as enemies, MUST be arrested, put on trial and killed ruthlessly to remove this cancer ! Yes !

The Deoband Mullahs of Pakistan MUST prove their loyalty to Pakistan by declaring TTP as Khawarij. RAW claims to use Deobandi terrorists!!

Anyone from any sect, any party, any group — who does NOT call TTP as enemies & Khawarij MUST be killed like rats.
Every religious party & group has declared TTP as Khawarij, RAW agents. Only JUI, Jamaat rascals are protecting TTP.

If you are a follower of Deoband & offended by my demands, then go to your scholars and ask them to prove their loyalty to Pak as demanded!

You CANNOT support TTP Khawarij. YOU CANNOT stay silent in this war to pretend neutrality. YOU MUST support Pak army & attack TTP openly.

This is a simple litmus test to know who is the traitor supporting Khawarij !! Every person of opinion MUST declare them as enemies else…!

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