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An epic book on Mujahideen of Ghazwa-e-Hind

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Allahu Akbar! We have received our epic romantic emotional passionate history of all the Mujahideen of Ghazwa e Hind !! From Muhemmed Bin Qasim to Ghaznavi to Ghauri to Abdali to Pak army — this blessed chain continues… !!
Soft copies are already uploaded for those who are outside the country. Now you can have the hard copies also from our office.
email me or call shami : 0332 – 3614342
Jazak Allah to all of you who sponsored this project and contributed in the information warfare axis of this Jihad. InshAllah, hundreds of copies will be sent out to armed forces, students, patriots and scholars of this Ummah all over the world.

Mujahideen Ghazwa e Hind (1) Mujahideen Ghazwa e Hind (2) Mujahideen Ghazwa e Hind (3)

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Pakistan congratulates our brothers in Turkey on celebration of 100 years of victory at the Battle of Gallipoli!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Pakistani Millat congratulates our brothers in Turkey on the historic day to celebrate the 100 years of victory at the battle of Gallipoli!
1915,it was a mad dream of the British, French & the Australian-NZ troops to capture Istanbul ! Attack began via Navy
Turkish Naval Commander had a vision a night before, commanding him to lay mines in the Dardanelles! Ambush for Ships
Once the Naval attack collapsed, the allies began landing at the Gallipoli peninsula – trying to fight to Istanbul!
Turkish Defenses were heroic! Half a million Western troops resisted by 400,000 Turkish forces – it was bloody war..
After months of bloody war, Western forces were hopelessly trapped on the Gallipoli Peninsula, died like rats of disease, wounds & hunger..
Gallipoli was the most humiliating defeat for the allied western forces in the WW1. Their entire course of the WW1 changed after this battle. It was to avenge this catastrophic defeat that Western nations accused Turkey of Armenian Genocide in 1915.An exaggerated malafide allegation. Even the Pope accused Turkey of genocide of Armenian Christians. Why don’t they speak the truth that the shame of Gallipoli still hurts!
Gallipoli campaign was the most humiliating defeat of Churchill & British empire in WW1. This deep wound still bleeds.
The bond of love between Pak & Turkey was forged in WW1 & still remains rock solid. Iki Devlet, Bir Millet!! Two countries One Nation! I would urge all Pakistanis to hit back harshly whenever West tries to attack Turkey on the preposterous allegations of Armenian genocide!

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Ask Allah for wisdom, vision and a pure heart that you are able to see the difference between Halal and Haram

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is so disgusting!! Shia parties & Deobandis Khawarj from Mufti Naeem gangs have fully supported MQM killers, Bhatta khors and snakes !! Both Shias and Deobandis hate each other but when it comes to MQM, they both stand together to defend that traitor !!!
Mufti Naeem is a Deobandi tout of MQM and now Shia parties have also supported this enemy of Pakistan. This is a catastrophic betrayal of Ummat e Rasul (sm)and Pakistan.
Altaf the snake will meet his painful end but now we will hold these Shia and Deobandis responsible also for the bloodbath in Karachi and Pakistan. This is unforgivable crime and treason…

na246When Allah punishes and curse a nation or a group of people, He takes away their wisdom, vision and intellect. They start to follow killers, murderers, rascals & snakes and call them their leaders.. willing to kill, rob, loot and plunder for them.. ! Just like gangs of MQM do for that rascal Altaf, the enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) ! And PPP gangs do for Zardari or JUI gangs do for Fazlu… or PML (N) do for Nawaz… ! On the day of Judgement, all these followers will rise with their leaders whom they follow in Dunya !! Imagine, anyone rising with Altaf or Zardari or Fazlu or Nawaz !! Astaghfurullah !!!
This curse is on this nation collectively. Its wisdom and vision has been taken away..
When I posted the post about learning Urdu language, dozens of stupid comments came that why then I am writing in English!! They were blinded, deaf, dumb and too stupid to see that I was talking to those Pakistanis who CANNOT read. write Urdu & I was encouraging them to learn Urdu. How on earth would they understand if I post it in Urdu ????????? 90% of my lectures, talks and are in Urdu. All my books are in Urdu. But on social media, we have half a million followers from all over the world, with almost quarter of a million who DO NOT understand Urdu. But still, you have these stupid comments as to why I am writing in English…
When so called national leaders and educated elite of the country becomes so dumb, then Allah annihilates them, destroys them and impose upon them the snakes like Zardari and Altaf… which are upon us as curse. Now you know the reason why our leaders are so cursed. It is our collective punishment for being deaf, dumb and blind…
Ask Allah for wisdom, vision, intellect and a pure heart that you are able to see the difference between Halal and Haram, wisdom of things as they are, not as they are made to appear!!

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There is NO treason greater than destroying the language of a nation,depriving it of its history & ideology!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

I will be honest! If you cannot read, write, speak good Urdu, you have NO right to call yourself truly educated. Stop deceiving yourself. Focus of education system MUST be on developing excellent language skills, teaching morality based human values & imparting skills to all !! Our education system have produced graduates who cannot write a letter, cannot make a speech, cannot read Urdu ! Their English is same too ! All private top elite schools of Pakistan are guilty of treason, destroying our entire generations of youth for not teaching them Urdu !!
QuaideAzam has categorically said that Pakistan’s language would be Urdu. Our entire heritage, literature, history, humor & religion is Urdu. There is NO treason greater than destroying the language of a nation,depriving it of its history, identity & ideology! This is unforgivable. When Mustapha Kamal wanted to destroy the soul of Turkey, he attacked the language first. Changed it to Roman! Same being done with Urdu too.
Writing Urdu in Roman script MUST be a crime punishable by jail! This is destroying the heritage, ideology just as burning the libraries!! Pakistan’s schools, advertising cmpanies, multinationals & govt are all involved in this crime of decimating the 3rd largest Muslim language.
This is the curse of having businessmen/feudals as rulers – their focus is only on money & NOT on preserving the heritage/history/language. All government correspondence, court workings, daily official business, laws & court proceedings, MUST be in Urdu!This is NOT rocket science.
There is NO harm in learning english/other languages for science & internaitonal communicaiton but only a slave will ignore his own language.

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21st April – the day Allama Iqbal completed his worldly duty

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

21st April — the day Iqbal Baba completed his worldly duty.
We started this journey alone on the footsteps of Baba Iqbal – picking up his unfinished mission towards its Takmeel! Our duty is to give azaan despite resistance, threats and attacks from those who represent Kufr & evil. This is a dangerous journey and only the most daring few will have the blessing of walking along us. After 7 years, we still march on, alhamdolillah! Our duty continues…

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Iran-Saudi war is creating environment for two monsters to enter #Yemen – Khawarij & the US Zionists!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

And then they say that Muslim and Islam is a violent religion !! Over 100 million have been killed by Christians/Jews
After decimating Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan & Egypt, Now US eyes Yemen!
The cannibalistic Jewish Israeli soldiers cannot be called humans, no different from their allies in ISIS Khawarij!
This Iran-Saudi war is creating the environment for two monsters to enter Yemen – Khawarij & the US Zionists! Same in Iraq, Syria, Libya! Why did US enter Somalia earlier?? Why Yemen now?? The game is control of Red sea lines of communications of Suez, Aqaba & Babul Mandab! The narrow Gulf of Aqaba has ports of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel & Egypt, while Gulf of Suez & Babul Mandab is global lifeline! Got it now?
Control of SLOCS (Sea lines of communications) is a global strategic objective of all powers exerting their influence
Whoever controls the port of Aden & Hudaida controls the Babul Mandab & red sea traffic through Suez & Gulf of Aqaba. Stakes are staggering! After US withdrew from Somalia, the country is a pirates haven, a menace for global sea traffic. Now ISIS is getting foothold in Yemen too! So who are the parties within Yemen fighting for Aden port?? Pro-Saudi faction, pro-Iran faction/Houthis, Al-Qaeda/ISIS, US, Iran, Saudia!
Yemen is going to be a bigger, bloodier mess than Iraq if Saudis and Iranis dont back off NOW. Their mutual war would invite US invasion!
Iran is sending a Naval flotilla for Aden, a move seen by Saudis as an act of war! The hastily passed UNSC resolution was designed to stop it. Pakistan MUST bring Turkey, Iran, SA, Egypt to a table & hammer out a power sharing formula for Yemen & then lead a MPKF for enforcement! Pakistan MUST also keep the Indian factor in mind. Modi is waiting for Pakistan army to get engaged in ME & then he will make his move! Only viable, practical, pragmatic solution is a Muslim Peace Keeping Force from many OIC nations to prevent a US invasion of Yemen & Chaos!
Pakistan Navy to ensure arms embargo on Houthis but that would bring PN in direct confrontation with Iranian Navy which is heading for Yemen. Pakistan MUST take the initiative NOW. Either total hands off Yemen or an aggressive peace maker role & then leading a MPKF to enforce deal.

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Allama Iqbal lives like a “Zinda Rood” – a living stream of gushing water spreading his khair, noor and barakah

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Alhamdolillah, BrassTacks team present an epic gift of love and adab to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) — English rendering of Baba Iqbal’s magical message done into English poetry by our dear Owais Ghani sb – a true patriot and die hard Iqbal disciple, MashAllah !

April 21st is the day of passing away of Baba Iqbal but he lives like a “Zinda Rood”, a living stream of gushing water spreading his khair, noor and barakah for all times to come…

Download the book from this Google link. It is free and a gift for the Ummah ! Labor of love and sweat, it has taken our hearts blood to produce it and now we spread this khair.

InshAllah, hard copies are going for print, sponsored by the blessed ones from within you. May Allah give infinite barakah to all of you who shared this blessing and rizq.

Spread this to all English speaking Muslims, universities, libraries and sites.. This is the magic of Iqbal done with great passion and love.

Hunting Eagles 6 Hunting Eagles 7 Hunting Eagles 8

Google drive link

Scribd Link

Alhamdolillah, we have received the first trial print of the epic book by Owais Ghani sb. Few minor corrections and inshAllah, next week we will go into full print.

We have done our duty. Some of you have joined hands to get this masterpiece printed. All of you can help by spreading the message of Baba Iqbal !! Read yourself, make others read it. For Urdu speaking Muslims, our book Iqbal e Pur Israr is enough inshAllah! For English speaking, we are working on this project. After this book, there will be more poems of Baba Iqbal to be rendered into English..

May Allah give barakah to Owais Ghani sb for undertaking this project so passionately.

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By stopping the executions of the cut throat terrorists, SC has gravely provoked the GHQ!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

By stopping the executions of the cut throat terrorists convicted through military courts, Supreme Court has gravely provoked the GHQ now!

Parliament had changed the constitution under an extreme emergency that the country is facing an existential war & civ judiciary had failed. The judgement of the SC would greatly magnify the crisis in these times of dangerous wars. Military courts is a Military strategy of war by army! It is like SC stopping the army from fighting, saying that judges will review the war plans! This Asma Jahangir will always remain a snake!

Now if the democracy is derailed, politicians can comfortably blame those who are stopping the army from defending this nation in this war! Iftikhar Chaudhry the rascal sided with the enemy, did NOT hang a single terrorist & waged a war against Pakistan. Military Court should hang him first. I am very sure that GHQ would do what must be done to save the country & win this war against Khawarij. All resistance will be crushed now!

Supreme Court must seriously ponder over its role in defending the country in this bloody war. Have they delivered or failed in their duty? Iftikhar Chaudhry, Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir, Tahir Ashrafi, Altaf Hussian, Najam Sethi – these are the most cursed creatures in Pakistan :)

These enemies are seriously miscalculating the rage within the Pak nation. Their accountability will begin very soon IA. Ask Altaf the toad!

Pak Army must also pick a few Generals from their own ranks & put them on trial for treason against the State. Kayani MUST face a trial. Yes. If Kayani is put on trial, then no one in the country would dare to speak when politicians, judges & likes of Hamid Mir are also hanged!

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We dont need fans – We need die hard soldiers who are willing to risk all for the sake of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Alhamdolillah, we do a difficult and dangerous duty and those with vision and wisdom can feel its seriousness and intensity. Few days ago, I received this letter and wanted to share it with you all.

Alhamdolillah, this is a sign that Allah (swt) accepts the humble efforts of this small and daring band of patriots whose Ishq & juoon is this Pak Sarzameen. When Allah and His Rasul (sm) are on your side, then you are the most strongest group, even if you stand alone in this dunya against biggest of enemies, alhamdolillah !!

We dont need fans. We need die hard soldiers who are willing to risk all they have in this dunya for the sake of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

letter to Zaid Hamid

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General Raheel gives a harsh message to BLA & their Indian backers

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

He has shocked the enemies, surprised the allies & given hope to the distressed nation in darkest of times! God bless

Today General Raheel was in Quetta, giving a harsh message to BLA & their Indian back from the brink. For the first time, we are winning. But the fact remains – this war is being fought by army alone.This CANNOT go on like this. There is NO judicial, economic, political support. Economy is collapsing, corruption is bleeding the State. Judiciary is still hostile, incapable to rise from the pits, political parties corrupt! The gains by the army through sheer sweat & blood have brought temporary peace but for a total stability, we need a strong patriotic govt!

Turkey’s PM has sacrificed his office & called for Presidential system. We need a similar radical change in political order to rescue Pakistan! Turkey’s PM has sacrificed his office & called for Presidential system. We need a similar radical change in political order to rescue Pak!

Pakistani nation has taken enough humiliation, insult, plunder at the hands of these rascals who violate every sacred tenant of Constitution. Pakistani nation has taken enough humiliation, insult, plunder at the hands of these rascals who violate every sacred tenant of Constitution.

Constitution is a man made paper, can be changed anytime as the history progresses.Britain does not have one. Turkey wants to change theirs. But only a bold, sincere, patriotic clean leadership which have the trust of the nation can dare to punish the traitors & create new Order!

The entire present political leadership has become too controversial, corrupt & decadent to be trusted with the future of the country. Enough

Pak army has started to cleanup the criminal political leadership also. MQM is being exposed & nailed. Next is PPP & PML(N). Then… Guess :)

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