Our love for the Prophet (sm) is hijacked and used against the Ummah!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

To respond to this blasphemy against our beloved Sayaydi (sm), learn from the attitude of Companions and from the Sunnah of Sayyadi (sm). In Makki time, when Muslims were weak, they withstood with dignity, remained focused on the mission, remained united and were never provoked into violence, arson, riots or burning. But when in Medina, when an Islamic state was formed, immediately swords were drawn and when Makkah was captured again, all were forgiven except those who committed blasphemy against our beloved Sayaydi (sm)! That was the time to take revenge.

Today, we have no Islamic leadership, no Khalifa, no Salahuddin to protect the honor of Ummah and our Sayyadi (sm). When we protest, the terrorists and insurgents join our ranks and start to burn and damage the property and lives of innocent Muslims. Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) would never approve of such protests where lives, honour and property of innocent Muslims are burnt in the name of our beloved Sayyadi (sm).

Our love for Sayyadi (sm) is hijacked and used against the Ummah and Medina-e-Sani. In Karachi, dozens of vehicles of innocent Muslims were burnt. In Peshawar, the transporters burnt down the entire bus terminal of a rival company taking advantage of our love for Sayydi Rasul Allah (sm)!! It has become almost impossible to keep these protests dignified and non-violent. In an environment of 4th Generation war, where already there is total chaos and anarchy on the streets and a new bombing campaign has begun to ignite urban wars, we must be extremely careful that our love for Sayyadi is not exploited by the enemies who are already at war with us.

We must protest but in novel ways. Organize seerat conferences within schools collages and universities and BECOME what Sayyadi (sm) wants you to become!! Flood the social media, universities and markets with posters, books and material on Seerat mubarak of Sayyidi (sm). Recite more and more durud shareef and abstain from Haram rizq, Haram movies, Haram lifestyles….. Become the Momin which our enemies do not want us to become. Join the mission to defend Pakistan and its ideology and serve the Ummah in pain. If Allah has not given you power to rule, He does not expect you to wage physical wars even against such grave provocations. Allah will ask the rulers, the Qazi and the Sipah Salaar for not taking action.

All occupied Muslims lands are legitimate battlefields. Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Libya, Chechnya…. where we can join the resistance and hit them hard for their crimes against Sayyadi (sm) and the Ummah. Marching on US consulate in Karachi will only burn the city but you can march against Camp Bastion in Helmend, Afghanistan or you can help Pak Army to destroy the Khawarij, the TTP!

For Allah’s sake, use wisdom of a Momin to respond. Only weak helpless angry people protest and burn their own nation. The powerful Momin respond with wisdom and courage and wait for the time to take revenge at a time and place of their own choice!

By Allah, we will NOT forgive them for this crime. The US and French governments are responsible! They have done a deliberate provocation and it will be responded with full force but we will NOT kill innocent Muslims or non-Muslims in our rage and outbursts of emotions.

If we had a Khalifa or Salahuddin today, this Ummah would not have to see such a day but till that time, revert back to Allah, stand united, prepare and organize, fight media and information wars and support the Mujahideen in real actual battlefields of occupied Muslims lands. We will fight against the Americans in battles in Afghanistan NOT in Peshawar or Karachi. Our enemy wants to destroy our resistance in Afghanistan and wants us to burn our own streets. That we must NOT do.

May Allah forgive our sins and mistakes and bless us with a “Salahuddin” from His mercy! Ya Allah Karam, Reham, Maghfirah and rehmah!!! The Ummah of Sayyadi (sm) is lost, confused, angry and in pain…

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