Pakistan should learn from Syria – Israeli Military ordered to prepare for Syria Invasion

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

As Syria falls apart turning into a failed state and is being brought down through a controlled demolition 4th Generation War, the next phase of ground invasion is about to begin to “seize” advanced weapons of Syrian army!!!!

This scenario is exactly what we have been warning about Pakistan also. The making of the failed state through 4thGW, then the invasion under Af-Pak and Cold Start to turn Pakistan into “Iraq” to “seize and secure” Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and then in the last phase, to dismember Pakistan on the pattern of Yugoslavia, Allah forbid!

There is no doubt that after Syria it is going to Pakistan’s turn as per enemy plans. Now the NATO supplies have also been released, our rulers have made it possible for the enemies to gather and organize their forces in Afghanistan for the final invasion. Just as Israel plans to attack and invade Syria, here the Indians are waiting to roll into Pakistan on the directions, support and help of the Crusaders.

If the Pakistani armed forces does not kill the 4thGW and Af-Pak now, then they will have to fight a war very similar to what Syrian army is fighting — bloody, urban and a civil war where enemies would be invading and rolling into the country from all sides.

The time has come to remove this filthy regime. If we do not remove it, then Allah will do it through the enemies but that would also slaughter millions of Pakistani Muslims. Just as Halaku Khan removed the corrupt regime of Baghdad in 13th century but in the process millions of Muslims were also annihilated. It is better the change comes through the patriotic forces in the system else hostile forces from the outside will do it.

Syrians are learning it the hard way. We will be wise to learn it now. Khair inshAllah.

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