Quaid had warned against SAFMA’s ideological war and TTP’s physical war!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

MashAllah, this is incredible!!
Quaid had warned us against SAFMA’s ideological war and TTP’s physical war against Pakistan — 63 years ago!
Allahu Akbar!! Quaid-e-Azam had categorically warned that whenever the enemies would attack Pakistan, they would attack from two fronts:

1. Either the enemy would attack Pakistan physically
2. The enemy would attack the Two Nation’s theory to create such an anarchy that it becomes easy for the enemies to attack Pakistan through war to make Pakistan a part of India.

On 25th October 1947, speaking to Reuters Correspondent Duncan Hooper, as published in the book Jinnah – speeches and statements 1947-1948, published by Oxford University Press, Quaid used the following words to warn against any attempts to bring about forced union of Pakistan and India.
He said:

“We must try to stop any effort or attempt which is intended to bring about a forced union of the two Dominions. The methods advocated for the achievement of this end are:

1. Bring about a revolt by Muslims against the Muslim league and the Pakistan government.

2. Failing that making the leaders of Pakistan realize the folly of the two nations theory and change their ways and force them once again to agree to join the Union and thereby create a single India by war”

In the same interview, Quaid categorically defined the Two Nation Theory and said:

“ As for the two nations theory, it is NOT a theory but a fact. The division of India is based on that fact and what is more, that fact has been proved beyond doubt by the ugly and deplorable events of the past two months, and by the actions of the Dominion of India in pulling our Hindus from Pakistan as their nationals. How then can it be said that there is one nation? I do not wish to dwell upon this further. There are many other events that are taking place which go to show the reality which is that the Dominion of India is a Hindu state.”

Now you know why SAFMA attacks our ideology so ruthlessly. Quaid had warned us already of such snakes. That is why we defend our ideology just as we defend the geographic frontiers of this sacred Medina-e-Sani.

The snakes like SAFMA come in many forms and shapes like a shape shifting demon. Here, in this picture, you will see the filth of Awami National Party’s leader – Asfandyar Wali, another of Ghandhi’s follower who is working so hard to destroy this Pak Sarzameen. If this statement is not blasphemy, then what else is? May Allah’s curse be upon them! Khair inshAllah, we are here to expose them and drag them to court and then to hell, InshAllah!

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