Students, people come and ask the same old questions which we have answered a million times!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Let me clarify one issue here. People ask me how can they meet me if they wish to.

But my question is before you make a meeting request, ask yourself — why you want to meet ?? Is it a real genuine issue which would benefit the Ummah or just a desire to meet “sir” ?

These days we are extremely busy in fighting the wars against all enemies — especially after December 16th. We are also writing books and the Yeh Ghazi series is being produced at breakneck pace. Our azaan is going out through social media and occasional TV programs and whatever needs to be said has been said. We expect our members to read our books, follow our programs and inshAllah, they will not have any questions.

Students, people come and ask the same old questions which we have answered a million times…. !! Just because they have not seen our programs or don’t want to read the books or don’t want to check the FB or twitter. It is humanly impossible that we answer each one individually in office. So, we have stopped meetings unless it is an emergency.

Sometimes, people exploit this also. They call us, request for a meeting calling it an urgent, emergency issue. When we invite them, they start with ” why are you not on TV these days? what is the difference between Afghan Taliban and TTP? …. aur sunain kia ho raha hai aaj kal…. !! ufff… you can imagine  :)

Every week, we receive hundreds of requests of meetings from all over the country. Almost all of them are declined. We have cut down our meetings drastically. It is NOT arrogance, it is NOT security issue. It is pure and plain time management.

We are only meeting people who can influence other people or a group of students or armed forces officers or foreign think tanks or diplomats or Media. Individual meetings with those who just want to meet are being discouraged.

There was time when we were travelling all over the country for lectures, talks and meetings. Now this is a different time. We have drawn the sword and necks of the enemies are being cut. Now we will NOT explain or give excuses. We fight them in battle now.

If you want to meet or message me, follow the adab and protocol of writing please. Introduce yourself in full, give your details and mention the reason why you want to meet. people constantly ask me for time without even telling their own name or reason. Dont do this.

I cannot pick up every call or reply to every message. Have patience and respect the duty we are doing. we never asked you for help when we were alone, surrounded and hunted by the enemies. Now Allah has brought us here and we hunt the enemies. Let us do this duty now..

Jazak Allah


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Renowned scholar and patriot Saqib Mustafai sahib visited us yesterday

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Renowned scholar and patriot Saqib Mustaphai sb visited our office yesterday and we exchanged views, books and ideas to serve Ummat e Rasul in a dignified manner. Alhamdolillah, more and more sincere Pakistanis are responding to the Azaan and we all share the same love and adab for this beloved Pak Sarzameen. Alhamdolillah.

Zaid Hamid with Saqib Mustafai sahib

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For the last 35 years, the sectarian wars between Wahabi Saudis & Shia Iran have decimated the Ummah!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

For the last 35 years, the sectarian wars between Wahabi Saudis & Shia Iran have decimated the Ummah! Unforgivable

In Pakistan there are strong lobbies within political parties, Media & the Mullahs which act as proxies of both Iran & Saudis & fight within. Shias in Pakistan heavily tilt towards Iran. Wahabis/Deobandis are willing to kill for Saudis. There are hardly any sane voices of reason.

Both Saudi & Iranian lobbies in Pakistan are extremists, radicals & devoid of concerns for the Ummah.Sect matters to them NOT Islam or Muslims. Yes, I am being harsh.The blood of 4 million Muslims, destruction of all large Muslim countries is enough reason to be harsh on both SA/Iran.

Since the Iran/Iraq sectarian war between Arabs & Persians, the only beneficiary has been Israelis, Zionists & the Bankers NOT Muslims/Ummah. Pakistan needs a strong ruthless Pan-Islamic ideological leader who can deploy the military prowess of the country to knock sense into Ummah.

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Houthis are angry with Pakistanis as media reports falsely claim that Pakistan is part of the attacking coalition

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

I am angry at those Pakistanis who are trapped in Yemen today. War was building for weeks. why they were stupid to stay there by choice??? Every country was pulling out their citizens for the last many weeks. Only Pakistani embassy, FO and nationals were sleeping as war built up. Now the whole country is in a crisis, concerned. Media adding to the panic. Army & ISI desperately trying to manage a rescue operation. Media is blaming the govt that no rescue has been done so far. But media must also nail those stupid Pakistanis who opted to stay in war zone.
Houthis are angry with Pakistanis as media reports falsely claim that Pakistan is part of the attacking coalition. Pakistan must involve Iran! At a time when Pakistan is desperate to pacify Houthi Shias, Nawaz Shareef announces full support to Saudi Arabia! He is a brain dead moron. Now thousands of Pakistani lives are at risk. The madness of war in charged sectarian environment does not follow any morality or law. I can assure you, army is not making any statement but they are operating on war footing in an impossible crisis created by the mad govt.
Remember the fuel crisis? Warnings were given months before, but the idiots in PML(N) kept sleeping. They repeated this chaos in Yemen too. If any Pakistani dies in Yemen due to this criminal negligence of NS government, this should be the last nail in the coffin of these idiots. Saudi attack on Yemen did not come out of the blue. Nawaz was told about this when he visited SA last month. He stayed silent #braindead
You cannot blame Pak army for not doing the duty of Foreign Minister. Army is already doing way beyond the call of duty. Who is FM anyways?? Pakistani Foreign office has collapsed. It does NOT exist. For the last 2 years, Nawaz has NOT appointed a Foreign Minister!! ufff.. madness

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Game changing analysis on Middle East and #Yemen crises

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Our game changing analysis on Middle East and Yemen crises. It is time that Pakistan takes charge of the destiny of the Ummah.

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Pakistan MUST maintain neutrality in #Yemen conflict – Should force Iran/SaudiArabia to stop

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Coming to Yemen, this is a catastrophic fratricide bw SaudiArabia & Irani proxies – having the same devastating effect as Iran-Iraq war! Pakistan did NOT take part in Iran-Iraq war — which was a Shia-Sunni war ! Pakistan played the role of a moderator, trying to stop the war. The entire Middle East is at war with each other. All Muslim countries are helping the enemies to destroy the other Muslim country in 5GWar. Saudi Arabia & Iran have already fought a proxy war in Syria, destroying a Muslim land, allowing Israelis to takeover the country thru ISIS. Both Iran & Saudi Arabia are at fault, fighting with each other within other countries, protecting their own homeland but destroying others. Just imagine, who is the net beneficiary of SA & Iran wage their wars within other Muslim lands ? This is ideal for Israel, US, Daish only.
In Yemen, Iranian backed Houthis are at fault. They have attacked the Capital & destabilized country, Just as FSA has done crime in Syria! Saudis are trying to overthrow a pro-Iran regime in Syria. Iranians are trying to overthrow a pro-Saudi regime in Yemen. Both criminals!
Pakistan MUST maintain neutrality in the conflict, call OIC emergency session, Turkey, Pakistan should get together to force Iran/SA to stop. I will advice all Shias to stop igniting sectarian narrative against Saudis in Pakistan. The retaliation from pro-Saudis would wreck havoc.
Iran supported US to destroy Taliban in Afg & Saddam in Iraq. Now Shias are begging Mullah Omer for protection! The example of Iraq & Afghanistan should make Tehran understand that the chaos they create in overthrowing regimes is filled by Khawarij! Saudis should also understand their stupidity. They destroyed Iraq & Syria & now are surrounded by hostile Daish & very angry Shias! uffff
The fires that Iran & Saudi Arabia has burnt in other Muslim lands will come home to haunt them too. Israel is waiting to attack both! How stupid the leaders of the Ummah can be. How myopic, shortsighted, deaf, dumb and blind ! Israel is laughing on the floor rolling! uff
Both Iran & Saudi Arabia must fear the divine justice. Their mutual sectarian wars have killed millions of Muslims since 1979. Enough! Stop!

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Pakistan Army is the natural inheritor of Muhemmed bin Qasim, Ghaznavi, Ghauri and Abdali

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Pakistan army is the natural inheritor of Qasim, Ghaznavi, Ghauri and Abdali…

Our next book on the series of Yeh Ghazi…. A true gift for Pak army…

mujahideen ghazwa hind

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Alhamdolillah, today was most decisive win in psychological war over Mushriks and Khawarij!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Alhamdolillah, most decisive win in psychological war over Mushriks and Khawarij!! Today, billions of dollars of Indian investment in demoralizing our nation has been drowned in the Indus!! Allahu Akbar !! This nation has risen again, to lead the charge to glory…

The mission that we started 7 years ago, to give hope to this lost and confused nation is now bearing its fruits, alhamdolillah !!!!

Now Modi wants to negotiate! Yes, these are our negotiating teams you rascal and they are coming to accept your surrender !!

Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !! Labbaik Ya Sayyadi Ya Rasul Allah !!

Parade 23 March 2015 (2) Parade 23 March 2015 (6) Parade 23 March 2015 (8)

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ISPR has not officially confirmed it but many sources privately informing that Fazlullah is dead!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

ISPR has not officially confirmed it but many army sources are privately informing me that this is true ! The pic seems real.

InshAllah, this news will be correct. Our men fought hard in Tirah valley and gave great sacrifices to have this dirty head under our boots, alhamdolillah !!



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7 years ago, we revived the journey which stopped in 1948! The march to Takmeel-e-Pakistan

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

7 years ago, we revived the journey which was stopped in 1948! The caravan marched again… Azaan was given… nation was revived… the march to Takmeel e Pakistan began…

In March 2010, another Pakistan resolution was passed in Lahore – by volunteers, team of patriots who gathered again to hold the flag high… Those were so romantic days when we were isolated, surrounded, hunted and attacked but we fought on….



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