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I have NEVER agreed with IK on his policies BUT on this Dharna, I will fully support him! Zaid Hamid

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Why are ministers of Nawaz Shareef giving anti-US statements? First Sartaj Aziz & now Khawaja Asif! Angry over VIP protocol to COAS?? Khawaja Asif said that the American policies have failed in the region, calling for solution by regional countries! wow! Is he for real??
There are only two possibilities for this strange PML(N) behavior. Either they are truly angry at US OR army is forcing them to speak the truth. For the first time both Ministers have spoken the truth that US do not want to hear! We wont target Afghan Taliban & US have indeed failed in Afghanistan :)
In my assessment, NS is convinced that army/ISI have been backing IK & TUQ & now feels seriously angry that US abandoned him in these times. US have also realized that a weak impotent government of NS cannot deliver them anything. Now the bets are off. NS has a reason to panic :)
This is a fact that NS wanted both Saudi Arabia & US to put extreme pressure on COAS to use his influence to stop Dharnas. They did not!
With NO foreign pressure on Army to support the govt at all costs, GHQ took a neutral posture in this political conflict. This enraged NS.
Now when COAS also received VIP protocol in US & another serious Dharna is just 5 days away & army still neutral, NS is exploding in rage. This is where the entire assessment of these moronic PMLN walas went horribly wrong. Army NEVER supported these protests but stayed neutral. General Kakar & General Mush sacked NS. Gen JK was sacked by NS. Now lets see this time, who sacks who? :) NS is always a disaster with army :)
If mustaches are any benchmark, all those with Mustaches sacked NS. Those without were sacked by NS. This time we have a burly mustache :)
There is NO doubt that Nov 30, just 5 days away would be a seriously critical day for Pakistan. All bets are off now. NO ONE can predict it. It is a do or die for IK also. If he can bring 150K plus crowd, that would be a swinging yorker! Else, he would fizzle out in extreme cold.
I have NEVER agreed with IK on any of his policies. I think he has a very bad set of advisers BUT on this Dharna, I will fully support him!!

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My Memoirs of Afghan Jihad “From Indus to Oxus” would prepare you for the times ahead – ZH

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Prepare yourself for war that is coming to our lands.. My Memoirs of the Afghan Jihad “From Indus to Oxus” in English and Urdu would prepare you mentally and spiritually for the times ahead.

Khair inshaAllah!


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If you cannot rise above sectarian and political biases, then Allah will NOT take any duty of khair from you

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

If you cannot rise above your sectarian, ethnic and political biases, then Allah will NOT take any duty of khair from you. If you do not have the moral courage to accept the crimes of your own sect, then you are suffering from Jahalia! We have NO problem with any one having any sect. BUT we have serious problem with all those who wage a war against Pak Sarzameen, support Mushriks, attack Pak Army and insult Quaid e Azam and Baba Iqbal.

Today, the entire religious war against Pakistan is being done by a faction from Deobandi sect who follow Darul Uloom Deoband, India, the famous Congressi Mullahs. NOT all Deobandis in Pakistan are Khawarij but all Khawarij are! This cannot be denied. Now Munawwar Hasan is also supporting Khawarij, calling Pak army Shaheeds as Murtids and calling the murdars of TTP as Shaheed! We will speak against his Khayanat !

If anyone has any problem with our posts, then he must go to TTP and JI to stop their war against Pakistan and Pak army! Period !

SZH 63 SZH 64 SZH 65

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Enemies are sending out Fake Tweets under my name to discredit our mission – Zaid Hamid

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Enemies are sending out Fake Tweets under my name to discredit our mission. Following Tweet is being circulated in my name but I have NOT done it. It is from a fake account and the enemies are trying to exploit it. Be careful. There are dozens of fake Twitter accounts in my name and it is your responsibility to confirm the real one.
Jazak Allah.

Following website is being used by the Indians to fake my tweets. This is typical of filth Mushriks are made of :)

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My duty is NOT to collect fans! My duty is to defend the Ummah from all enemies! Zaid Hamid

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

My duty is NOT to collect fans. My duty is NOT to project myself. My duty is to defend the Ummah from all enemies — physical, ideological, religious enemies !

We have exposed Khawarij and their backer Mullahs. We have attacked secular BLA, ANP & MQM. We have attacked Hindu Zionist Mushriks. We have attacked CIA/Mossad. We have attacked democracy & its kufr laws. We have attacked Geo/SAFMA & media traitors. We have attacked the Riba based banking system. We have attacked GMO crops and Monsanto. We have attacked liberal secular beyghairats.

Those who criticize, should come and attack anyone enemy openly and then we will see how they survive ! Every enemy has been burnt by us, alhamdolillah, still there are some idiots who say that we dont serve the country and Ummah.

These idiots pick one issue which they dont like and start to pass comments without having moved a muscle all their lives to fight a just war against Taghoot of the time. They dont see the evidence, they dont see the proof, they dont want to listen.. they are just driven by arrogance of Jahilia !

prove me wrong with facts. Prove that references I have given are wrong. If you cannot, they accept what I am saying. if you want to remain deaf, dumb and blind, then do what you want. We will give our azaan. Allah has NOT brought us here with your help. Allah is enough for us — the best of protector, the best of guardian, the best of friends, alhamdolillah !

Allah DOES NOT need idiots, deaf, dumb and the blind. He is in Jalal now and so are His Faqeers ! The time has come to decapitate the Mushriks and Khawarij and their allies in all forms. This Pakistan was NOT made for Khawarij or the slaves of Taghoot. Now they will taste the sharpness of our swords ! They are already tasting it… ask Kharji Fazlullah and his snakes!!

SZH 62

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Can any one following Deoband explain this latest fatwa by Darul Uloom? ‘Hindus cannot be called Kafirs!’

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Can any one following Deoband explain this latest fatwa?? Now Darul Uloom says Hindus cannot be called as Kafirs!!! Astaghfurullah!!

Am I missing something here?? Can any Muslim understand this rubbish???? Is this the new Islam deoband is creating to please their Mushrik brothers??? Should we remain silent on this blasphemy??

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Our war against TTP – All Khawarij are Deobandis but all Deobandis are not Khawarij!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Some People get offended when I say that all Khawarij are Deobandis but all deobandis are not khawarij! TTP/LeJ are deobandi Khawarij.

I accept there are deobandis who are patriotic BUT I condemn those deobandis who serve Mushriks & those who do not condemn this Khawarij war. If this war was being waged by Barelvis or Shias or Ahl Hadees, I would be equally harsh on them also. This is about war against Pak!! What disgusts me is that all top Deobandi clergy refuse to condemn TTP’s war against Pakistan & innocent people. In fact, they condone it.

Show me one fatwa of Fazlur Rehman party & Samee ul Haq saying that TTP is waging a haram war against Pakistani Muslims & are Khawarij!! All sects including Ahle Hadees, Barelvis, Sufis, Shias have openly condemned TTP & LeJ for their Khawarij ideology but Deobandis dont do it!

The time has come that we seriously hold Deobandi scholars to serious accountability for their silence or support to TTP Khawarij! Crime!

Deobandi scholars owe massive apology to the Ummah for producing worst Khawarij from their sect who wage war in support of Hindu Mushriks!! There is NO doubt that Patriotic deobandis also exist BUT why are they silent?? Why are they not standing against Khawarij from their sect?

In Pakistan, Jamaat ud Dawah are a Ahle Hadees org. They are patriotic Pakistanis & NOT Khawarij. But TTP are Deobandis & worst Khawarij!

I have NO problem with anyone’s sect. Our mission is far above sectarian divide. But terrorists wage a sectarian war & MUST be exposed!!

No need to get offended! Just tell me the sect of TTP & LeJ????? they themselves proudly own that they are from Deoband. Then why cry??? I dont understand why some Muslims insist upon calling themselves Deobandis, knowing fully well that Darul Uloom Deoband India is pro-Mushrik!

Allama Iqbal wrote a full poem in Kulliyat addressing Darul Uloom deoband & Hussain Madni, calling them followers of Abu Lahab! True fact! Hear this – Allama Iqbal also compared Darul Uloom deoband with Qadianis!! Saying that both have destroyed Islam..

Now if anyone has a problem with what Allama Iqbal has said about Deoband, then he should jump in the Indus! We dont give a Damn. Talk to me with fact not blind hatred or blind support for Khawarij. Prove that what I have said is wrong. Your blind following would harm you.

Deoband supported Modi into power so that he can continue with butchery of Muslims. This is unpardonable crime!!

Deoband also gave a fatwa against Kashmir Jihad stabbing the Ummah. How many crimes you want me to narrate?

Now you know why Iqbal compared them with Qadianis? they opposed Pakistan, they support Mushriks,they stab Kashmir Jihad, they have Khawarij. If any Muslim claims to love Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakistan, he MUST condemn these war crimes of Darul Uloom Deoband against Islam & Ummah. On the day of judgement, all Deobandis will rise with Darul Uloom Deoband Mullahs whom Allama Iqbal called followers of Abu Lahab! Note this.

Let me make it clear! Afghan Mujahideen 6 party leaders were NOT Deobandis. Hekmatyar, Masood, Rabbani, Mujaddadi, Gilani, Khalis. NONE! In Kashmir, JuD is NOT Deoband. Hizbul Mujahideen is NOT Deoband. In Afghanistan, there are NO Deobandi/Barelvis. Just normal Sunni/Shias.

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US has lost in Afghanistan – It is time to bury them there for all times to come!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

US has lost in Afghanistan. Their General now speaks out. It is time to bury them there for all times to come!
Pakistan MUST decide now. Do we want extra regional forces in Afghanistan which have caused us so much bloodshed & agony? No we don’t want. Ejecting all foreign forces out, recognizing Afghan Pashtun resistance as legitimate party of war, forming a broad based govt must be our goals. US argument is that if foreign forces leave, there would be civil war in Afgh. Damn their logic. US presence is causing war in the region! Civil war in Afghanistan was also present between 1992 to 2001 but there was NO terrorism in Pakistan, Iran or Central Asia! Pak was safe.
Obama has just signed a secret order authorizing US troops to be in combat role in Afgh for another year! Pak must reject this & eject them.
Why dont we have a Muslim peace keeping force for Afghanistan?? When Pak army can do UN peace missions, surely we can do that in Afgh also. An army of Muslim nations can replace US/NATO/India from Afghanistan. NO Afghan will have any problem if many Muslim nations are involved. We Pakistanis cannot afford another decade of war on the western front because of US presence in Afgh. US MUST leave! Take it as a warning.
US have lost in Afgh. Their continued presence will only bring more body bags for them and war for Pakistan. NOT acceptable at all. Never.
Every act of terrorism in Pakistan is foreign sponsored, using local idiots as mercenaries. CIA/RAW are main culprits using TTP, BLA, MQM! If Pakistan can destroy Soviet Union with the help of US, we can surely defeat US with the help of China & Russia! Strategic sands do shift. When US gives red carpet reception to Pak army, it means Pak army stands on US tail & can twist it as it pleases :) We will now twist it hard.
Pakistan’s major defense deals with Russia & China are game changers & show the options available to Pak army when US is so desperate in Afgh. Pak army has made it clear to the US that Indian presence will NOT be tolerated in Afgh. If US wants Pak help, Indians must be ejected NOW :)

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We the patriots will be brutally ruthless against all traitors in media & politics. No mercy for them in war!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Even if you hate the wars of Iran in the ME, the fact remains that the crimes of the Arab rulers are undefendable. Ummah is cooked both ways. So, Pakistan can either takes sides in Arab-Persian wars or rise above it & knock sense into both these camps before we are all annihilated. But can we expect Zardari, Bilawal, Altaf the toad, Nawaz, Asfandyar, Siraj to even understand the larger geopolitical perspectives? NO!

There is NO doubt in my mind — Pakistan will NOT remain the same in the coming days as Iraq, Syria is not the same now. For better or worse. External & internal forces of change are too powerful now to be stopped. If the internal forces do not bring a change,external surely would.

If Pak army takes charge of the meltdown, we may be spared a bloody urban social & economic anarchy! Else, civil war & invasion is close! Pakistani politicians & media is ignoring the threat from India at their own peril. All intel suggest India increasing buildup on border.

As expected, the govt has refused permission to PTI to hold jalsa on 30th in Islamabad. PTI will NOT budge. The battles soon to begin…

All the traitors within the country will come out hissing against the army. Asfandyar Wali today barked a lot. This snake is old Hindu tout. MQM & ANP are two deadly arms of RAW /CIA working to attack Pak army in media & politics. Now we will NOT show mercy towards these enemies.

Let me make it very clear — we the patriots will be brutally ruthless against all traitors in media & politics. No mercy for them in war!

With TUQ neutralized, government feels that they can bulldoze IK & his dharna on 30th. But there will be fierce resistance. Expect roadblocks.

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Confession of economic hit-man John Perkins – How they destroyed Muslim countries using Arab leaders

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is an extremely painful video, a confession of economic hit-man John Perkins, how they destroyed Muslim countries using Muslims leaders in Arab lands. DO NT twist this into Iran – saudi sectarian issue. This has nothing to do with sectarianism. This is pure US/CIA policies in Middle East and their impact we see in the world today.

Most of you were NOT even born in 70’s. We were there. We know this to be true. So sad, when Khadim ul Harmain sells the “aabroo e deen e Mustapha” (sm) !!. Saddam was also a CIA assasin and hitman !

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