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If anyone thinks army is neutral, not interested in politics or is supporting democracy, then he is dead wrong!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

If anyone thinks army is neutral, not interested in politics or is supporting democracy – then he is dead wrong! Army is fully active, observing each move, concerned, NOT happy at this democracy & busy organizing itself in the face of huge challenges already at hand — war, floods, promotions, restructuring, developing response to Indian threats!

Try being in the shows of General Raheel for a day and you will have a nervous breakdown over intense pressure of work and threats that he has to respond to everyday.

Calm down a bit. If the crisis stays at is, deadlocked — then army will make an intervention — soft or hard, is their choice. They made an intervention when govt attacked the protesters. It was you people who wanted army to stop the govt. army did and government has not used force ever since. If that level of violence had continued for another night, army was all ready to move in! You want revolutions but don’t want to give sacrifices. You want army to come, but don’t want to share the burden of responsibility. You blame army but NOT IK & TUQ for NOT calling army? This is NOT fair..

Your leaders don’t want army to come. That’s why army has not come. They wanted army to act as mediators. Army agreed. Then the politicians backed out, not army.

Now settle it within yourself. Army WILL move but at its own terms, not when kids want it. if leaders want army’s help, ask them to demand it openly! Then see what army does..

Till that time, stay silent or beat up your own leaders. don’t blame army!

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We have given azaan – It is up to PAT and PTI to take it or leave it – Zaid Hamid

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

People are constantly asking that why dont I meet both IK & TUQ and convey to them my views . I have told time and again, that top advisers of both IK & TUQ are fully aware of our views, messages and likes/dislikes. They have both refused to take our advice, as they dont want a techno caretaker govt for 3 years backed by army!

In fact, they dont want to meet me in public just as they don’t want to meet General Pasha in public, for fear of false propaganda that their movement is backed by us, as even I am considered as an ISI man :) lolz.

So, as far as conveying the message is concerned, that job has been done through mutual friends. They are fully aware and have taken a conscious decision to take their own course and NOT take our advice.

We have given azaan. It is up to them to take it or leave it. They never took our advice before starting this Dharna. we tried to help but it seems that they have better advisers :)

Khair inshAllah !!

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Pakistan needs a new start, new constitution, new leadership, new laws, new system… or wait for Allah’s judgment!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Our mission, our duty and the solution to the present chaos in Pakistan! There is khair in listening to this azaan.

Only the fools destined for punishment would argue, haggle, rebut and show arrogance!

Pakistan needs a new start, new constitution, new leadership, new laws, new system… or wait for Allah’s judgment. Then there will be NO tauba, no naseeha, no repentance.. just a long chain of azaab! Watch Syria, Watch Iraq, Watch Libya… if you think we are making it up!

SZH 33

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Despite supporting IK’s and TuQ’s movements, I fiercely resist their plans of re-elections & National govt!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Analysis of IK and Dr. TUQ movements: Read this carefully and try to understand their plans and our plan.


My candid message to all PTI/PAT followers – You can do what you want but Allah has His own plans…

Despite supporting their movements, I will fiercely resist their end plans of re-elections & National govt! Pakistan cannot afford jokes!
Without system reform, without accountability, without cleanup and hanging of traitors, elections would mean total death.
NS wants democracy. IK wants re-elections. TUQ wants National govt. We want Techno govt. NO ONE wants Martial Law but need army to succeed.

TUQ’s National govt means that rascals from each political party are collected and a govt is formed with TUQ as its head! Impossible idea!
Both IK & TUQ fear that if an army backed patriotic techno govt comes for 3 years, their role would be eliminated, hence their resistance!

That is why Altaf the toad and beaten up, corrupt politicians are supporting Dr. TUQ. They want their share in the National govt! Got it?

My dear Dr. sahib, how on earth you can bring Inqilab with Altaf Hussian, the killer, Chaudhrys, Sh Rasheed, Khar, Sardar Asif & Ch Sarwar??

Yes, I have a personal vested interest in army backed techno govt. It will hang all terrorists & corrupt, create the Pakistan of Iqbal, IA!

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There will be NO National govt as TUQ desires & NO Elections as IK desires – There will be what Allah wills

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

To all IK and TUQ teams:

When the whole country, including Imran Khan & TUQ were supporting Iftikhar Chaudhry, I was the only one saying that he is a snake and will bite a poisonous sting to the nation. Everyone made fun of me, especially the PTI team. Then Allah humiliated those who refused to listen.

About the elections, I warned against them and demanded techno caretakers. Again, PTI mocked and made fun of me. Now they are regretting and protesting about rigging.

About TTP, whole world was in favor of talks and giving time to the snakes. I was the only one demanding war. In the end, this faqeer was proven right and all pro-talks were humiliated.

About peace talks with India, all political parties, including PTI wanted peace talks with India. I warned against sinister plots of the Hindu Zionists. Six months before the elections, I had told that Modi will come to power. People made fun of me back then also. In the end, Modi came to power and now prepares for war against Pak.

I call Altaf Hussain as the greatest enemy of Pakistan, Islam and Rasul Allah (sm). Dr. TUQ calls him his brother…. Innalillahe..

It is interesting that kids of 20, 30 years of age, arrogantly question and insult the analysis of this Faqeer whose 28 years of life have been spent in battlefields of war and info wars. In these times, wisdom has been taken away, truth seems false, false seems truth. Cunning appear as honest, honest is considered as fool. Idiots pretend to be leaders, sensible are mocked and humiliated.

I could give 100 examples of poorest political vision of IK & TUQ, where my opinion directly clashed with theirs and they were dead wrong!

Go on and do what you want! To tell you the truth, there is nothing in your hands now. The destiny is now controlled by Allah (swt) himself. You don’t know what Allah wills, plans. It would have been wiser to follow the will of Allah (swt), than arrogantly following what your desires are.

There will be NO National govt as TUQ desires. There will be NO Elections as IK desires. There will be what Allah wills. Don’t argue with me. Do what you want and we will do what Allah asks us to do. In the end, very soon, you will know and see the truth!

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You can ignore my analysis, but then be prepared to face the bloody consequences also – Zaid Hamid

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

My tweets last night on IK and Dr. TUQ. Time to jolt them into some serious thinking.

Remember this – Pakistan has also been destroyed by sincere people, who were idiots in personal capacity, without any vision, wisdom!! The crisis which Pakistan faces today is unprecedented & existential. There is NO political leader alive today who knows the solutions! Fact.

I will be blunt – Both IK & Dr. TUQ do NOT have the capacity & the experience to develop response to this deployed 5th Gen War, as in ME!

I do not doubt the sincerity of IK, but his capacity to understand the complex geo-politics of the reshaping of the greater ME is dangerous.
Dr. TUQ is a scholar only. I would pray behind him but would NEVER go to battle under his command. Imam Abu Haneefa could NEVER be a Leader.

The political plans given by both IK & TUQ are a disaster to say the least, as far as developing response to the deployed bloody 5thGW.

Can you appoint Dr. TUQ or IK as heads of Kahuta research Labs?? NO. Why? because it needs a specialist technical person like Dr. AQ Khan.

Similarly, Pakistan today faces a war of Balkanization, just as Iraq, Syria! The axis of 5thGW are bloody complex. NO leader even understands. I have absolutely NO doubt that Pakistan will sink under the solutions given by Dr. TUQ & IK. National govt or Mid Term elecitons – Suicide.

I totally agree that NS is a threat to Pakistan & that’s why I support Dharnas. But I also want IK & TUQ to understand their limitations!
My support to IK & TUQ is NOT unconditional. They MUST NOT act as sincere BUT Naive useful tools in the hands of sinister advisers. If IK & TUQ are sincere to Pakistan, they MUST clearly demand an army backed technocratic govt for 3 years! Their own solutions are disaster.

If you dont like my opinion, un-follow me. But the fact cannot be changed – Pakistan’s crisis cannot be resolved within solutions of IK/TUQ.

If army does not bring a civilian techno govt, then wait for the destiny to unfold, just as Muslims of Iraq & Syria are suffering today!!
What vested interest do I have to risk my life & family for years, almost alone against such ruthless enemies of Pakistan?? Money?? Rubbish!

I am NOT into democracy nor making any party nor taking money from any group or party or army. It is my duty of passion to defend Pakistan.

I will say to all followers of IK & TUQ. I am NOT your enemy. I appreciate your sincere efforts BUT Your solutions are disaster for Pakistan.

When we speak, it is based on a proven track record of last 28 years of being into hardcore geo-politics of the region. This is NOT theory.
There are also naive who think that we are arm chair analysts, write on twitter only with no practical experience! Ignorance is so rampant.
If IK & TUQ feel that their strategy is correct, then they are welcome to pursue it. But I will give my views! Take it leave – their choice.

It is my duty to give azaan, to speak the truth, educate & advice the nation & the policy makers – irrespective of the threats & risks! Allah has NEVER proven me wrong in the last 28 years of my professional life. I run a hardcore Security Org & I am NOT a theoretical analyst. Read my book from Indus to Oxus – my memoirs of Afghan war! in 1992, I could foresee the present Afghan war & ethnic divisions of today.

You can ignore my analysis, but then be prepared to face the bloody consequences also. I had clearly warned you about these elections also.

You will NEVER know my other duties, away from social media :) But use common sense. Why Indians, Geo, TTP, BLA, CIA, RAW are after my blood? If the known staunch enemies of Pakistan & Islam are not trying to destroy you, then you should stop & ponder! You are NOT hurting them hard.

I could NEVER understand how can a known traitor, enemy, murderer, rapist & anarchist like toad Altaf Hussain be called his brother by TUQ.

IK’s disastrous stance on talks with TTP caused so much bloodshed & violence in the country, allowing the Khawarij to kill! He is responsible.

To followers of IK & Dr. TUQ — don’t get me started on the disastrous blunders of your leaders! Your leaders read what I write, & respect.
My point is – Its is proven that both IK & TUQ have made blunders & still making them. They should stop & ponder – Techno govt for 3 years.

Just last advice before I break. If you dont like my analysis & views, please un-follow. I will NOT offer any apologies nor give any quarter!
And one last point – I am NOT jealous of IK or TUQ :) Dont want what they have, nor wish to be what they are. NEVER! My duty is different.

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It is time to wrap up this system & start afresh! A New constitution, new political model, new team of daring leaders.

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

It is time to wrap up this system & start afresh! A New constitution, new political model, new team of daring leaders.

SZH 32

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If you dont want Altaf, Fazlu, Zardari & NS as your leaders, then why allow their parties to exist?

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Altaf Hussian is now showing his true sinister rebellious murderous colors. His language, his tone, his demeanour is now of Sh Mujeeb before revolt.

My grandparents, parents also migrated from India at partition. my own elders helped create Pakistan. I am born in Karachi & we speak Urdu. According to definition by that toad Altaf, I am a Muhajir too, BUT I reject Altaf, his sinister war against Pakistan. He DOES NOT represent Pakistan.

Altaf DOES NOT represent those who created Pakistan! We disown this fat toad. Our elders lived & died for Ummah, Pakistan, Islam. Just as TTP & Khawarij do not represent Islam, similarly, this terrorist fat toad, does NOT represent Urdu speaking migrants of Pakistan! My parents, grand parents migrated. I speak Urdu, born in Karachi BUT I am NOT a Muhajir but a Pakistani Muslim only. Altaf toad is a liar!
If you become a Muhajir, just because your forefathers migrated, then every settled Muslim in India in last 1000 years is a Muhajir too
Fat toad cannot challenge my credentials. My father is from Bihar, created & then defended Pakistan in army. My mother is from occupied Kashmir. For 3 generations, we are fighting for Pakistan. My grandfather and father in Pakistan movement, father in Pak army in multiple wars, now our turn.

The time has come to reclaim Pakistan from generational snakes like MQM, ANP, PPP, PML(N), JUI. If Pakistan has to survive, they have to die now!

If you dont want Altaf, Fazlu, Zardari & NS as your leaders, then why allow their parties to exist which breed these terrorists rascals? Only a most characterless, honorless, deaf, dumb, blind would accept Altaf, Zardari, Bilawal, Fazlu, NS, Hamza as their leaders! We WONT!

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#Pakistan – If we had a dignified leader, the world would respect us despite our poverty

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

It is NOT the poverty of the nation but the dignity of the leaders which earns respect from the world. Pakistan was poor back in 60s as well but look how we were treated by the global powers. Pakistan is more powerful today, more richer, more important but our todays leaders are scumbag rascals, not respected even in their own countries, let alone in the world.

Ayub was an honest upright man. He made many mistakes but all leaders make mistakes. What matters is, whether they sold their souls or not. Zardari and Nawaz have NO souls left in them, that’s why they behave like rascals and imbeciles.

InshaAllah, Allah will give us a leader who would defend our honor in the world. Then the world would respect us, even if we are poor.

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MQM are urban Mukti Bahini and their Don is protected by anti-Pak forces!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

In Karachi, MQM is protesting a raid on its office, where dozens of known target killers have been arrested by the Rangers! About 10 days back, over 40 assassins of MQM had arrived back in Karachi from South Africa and US. The plan was massive urban war in Karachi.

Today’s attack on the Police SSP in a car bomb seems like a retaliation by the MQM against Police for raiding its office along with Rangers. MQM is pretending innocent but they also know that their main assassins have been captured. The ring leader Adil escaped however.

I always knew that once we break down the power base of TTP & BLA, the final battle will always be fought on the streets of Karachi against MQM.

MQM are the classic urban guerrillas, the organized assassin Mafia led by a cut throat toad like Don in London, protected by the Brit MI6. We have not forgotten the letter written by Altaf to British govt, offering full espionage support in Karachi & demanding disbanding of ISI! British govt confirmed that the “Disband ISI” letter is authentic.This is treason for which that fat toad must hang.

Rangers are led by Pak army. They are not crazy to raid the office of a political party without solid evidence that an urban war was planned. DG Rangers who was leading the ops against urban terrorists in Karachi is now the DG ISI, with massive powers to deal with these insurgents.

Proof of every murder, extortion & anti-Pak activity of MQM is present but the problem is that govt uses that to control MQM not punish them. Any other Pakistani in UK would have been nailed for life by now over acts of terror & money laundering but NOT Altaf, as MI6 protects him. British Police was begging Zardari for two killers of Imran Farooq but Zardari refused. Now NS doing the same – controlling MQM like this!

I would advice that toad in London to cool it. Else, one by one, his assassins would be brought on media to confess. They are singing now :)

Pak media has voluntarily surrendered its freedom to two gangs – MQM & TTP. NO channel can dare to show anti-MQM footage, such is the terror. I am not invited by channels live because they fear that I will bash MQM live and then the channel will have to take the heat from MQM :)

I am in the media too for the last 7 years, have done thousands of programs. Every channel knows that MQM would kill & shut them if angry!

Mark these words — MQM are the urban Mukti Bahini, their Don is protected by anti-Pak forces, their plan is dismemberment of Pak in 5GWar. In 2007, I was the first person to say that TTP are RAW/CIA backed & NOT part of Afghan Taliban. People mocked me. Later it was in their face.

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