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InshaAllah, your azaan will revive the Ummah and encourage #PakArmy to take a firm stance against Israel!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

InshaAllah, tonight we shall do a special program on Palestine, Gaza and Illegal illegitimate state of Israel. DIN News at 8 PM inshaAllah.

On Saturday, a special azaan on explaining what Khilafat e Rashida model of governance is. a ground breaking curtain raising debate to explain the alternate, benevolent political, economic and judicial models.

On Sunday, another special program on how to fix Pakistan,under the caretaker setup ! Pakistan can be fixed within days but for that, we need Dandey Wali sarkar :) this one is truly going to unnerve many snakes and traitors inshaAllah !

If you want to hurt Israel, share such videos where Jews themselves destroy and humiliate the illegitimate state of Israel your power is social media and media. deploy it well and build pressure on the Zionists.

InshaAllah, your azaan will revive the sleeping Ummah and encourage the Pak army to take a firm and harsh stance against Israel ! Just do your duty and leave the results to Allah (swt). Khair inshaAllah !!

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What can we do for Muslims in #Gaza? I am afraid the answer would hurt you even more!

Boycott IsraelBy Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid


What can we do for Muslims in Gaza ?? I am afraid the answer would hurt you even more.

Can we go to Gaza ? No we cannot. There is only one entry point into Gaza from Egypt and that Jew slave General Sisi has sealed it.

Can we send supplies to Gaza? No, same reason. Egypt as sealed the border. Hundreds of international volunteers are stuck in Egypt with supplies but they are not allowed into Gaza. An entire plane load of supplies from Tunis has been turned back by Egypt.

Can we send money to Gaza ? only through your own personal known Palestinian contacts if money gram services are active. you need to have a contact in Palestine and then find out if these services are still active. otherwise, you cannot.

Only the Muslim governments can put pressure on Egypt to open the border and allow the supplies.. but we don’t have Muslim governments left. They are all sold our beyghairats…

There is a reason why our sister saw Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) in Jalal !

What can you do ??

The social media campaign is hurting the Jews. huge pressure is being built upon them to back off. Their humiliation at the hands of Hamas fighters is also destroying their image as a super power. We need to rub this in more…. humiliate them, insult them, attack them, expose them and support the Mujahideen and Ummah in Palestine. Be a ruthless soldier on social media and in your circle of influence.

Build pressure on our own governments and army to respond. Your pressure will help. Make it part of the protests and marches that you plan to do in August. Force the political parties and media to build more pressure on the government to act and respond.

Most importantly, feel part of the Ummah, feel their pain and in these last nights of Ramazan, do dua for the Ummah and baddua for the Mushriks, Zionists and Khawarij. Dua is your most powerful weapon. Deploy it well and strongly. Do astaghfar and tauba so that your dua is accepted. Present yourself to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and seek forgiveness for being an ignorant Ummati. Revive yourself and prepare for Jihad to fight the fitnahs which are coming to us from all sides.. our time will come soon. Allah will give us better leaders inshaAllah. They will not humiliate us like this. They will not shame us in front of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Little Sabr. Prepare..

I know it is painful and it hurts even more to know what Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) feels. But each one will be asked about his duty from within the powers he or she is given. We do not have worldly powers in our hands but we have social media and we have Dua. Deploy them well and strong..

Allah knows our niyats. Khair inshaAllah.



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#PakArmy and Pakistani nation, you should read this mail: Rasul Allah (sm) is in Jalal!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

I received this mail today and it gave me a chill in my spine…

Pak army and Pakistani nation, you should read this mail, a dream of a Pakistani lady who shared it with us. Rasul Allah (sm) is in Jalal for we are not helping the Muslims in Palestine..

She is a friend of Maheen, our team member who passed away few years ago. Old members of this page know Maheen as a Mujahida who was our front line fighter in defense of Pak Sarzameen.

This is our moment… DO NOT betray Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

DO NOT forget Palestine and Muslim Ummah in your dua. This is the least we can do.

Forgive us Ya Rasul Allah (sm) for we have betrayed your Ummah :((


Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2014 12:56 AM
Subject: message from RASOOL ALLAH (SAW)

dear sir ,
i am an ajiz naqis ummati of my NABI PAK salalaho allay hay wasalm.i have been in slumber for 30 years of my life , and i am scared of facing my ALLAH swt and my NABI PAK (SAW)

i have never contacted you before , i am a friend of Maheen tirmizi

today i saw a dream i think needs to be shared with u

I saw NABI PAK saw today morning , he was siting , a white scarf hung low on HIS glorious face , behind him are mountains and heaps of dead bodies , hands arms , faces ,body pieces , they are flowing in from gaza and syria , HE (saw) was siting with HIS face lowered, watching every death , there is blood everywhere.

me and a small group of ummatis are running here n there , its mayhem chaos, i see him and i run to him , knowing he is my NABI PAK SAW, our clothes are white but full of blood , we are weak n scared.

i went up to him , and asked me something in arabic and i cry i don’t arabic , wat ya rasool allah (saw ) wat ? then a buzurg said nabi pak ( saw ) is asking

which country are u from ? i said PAKISTAN

he said WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THEM POINTING TO GAZA AND SYRIA ? he asked what have you done till now ?

HE then said write all their names in a register , write which country there are from and write what they are doing to help my umatiz

sir , he was ANGRY , beyond angry he was infuriated, i have never felt such JALAL , my heart trembles with fear………….

sir he didn’t look towards us, he kept looking at gaza and syria ……….. and all dying ummatis…..

HE STOOD UP in anger and said i will do this ghazwa myself, i will wage this war myself…….

HE ( SAW ) is angry with us ummatis,

sir we have to wake up!!!

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Every man, woman & child is fighting back! #Gaza is alive! It will NOT go down without a fight!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is dignity !

Every man, woman & child is fighting back ! Gaza is alive ! It will NOT go down without a fight ! Khyber Khyber Ya Yahood!

The Khawarij & the so called Muslim rulers stand on equal footings — corrupt to the core, debouch, traitors !!

Hamas represents the most just, dignified, honorable resistance force in the world! Proud of you brothers!! You are defending the honor of the Ummah when the Ummah has abandoned you! We are sorry! :(((

Hamas Rocket ranges Tweet on Hamas Gaza jihad

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If you cannot do dua for your brothers & sisters in pain, then be sure you will also be in their place!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Now our humiliation has come to this that Zionist Jews openly demand raping our sisters and killing our mothers which produce Mujahideen… Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) had foretold us about this calamity… It is because of love of Dunya, wealth, status, power and gold and as a result, we abandon Jihad, we became cowards and become fearful of death and then allowed the mushriks, Khawarij and the Zionists to humiliate us by robbing our Imaan, wealth, women and lands….

In these last 5 days of Ramazan, recite lots of astaghfar, prepare for Jihad and do baddua on the Khawarij, Mushriks and the Zionists! If you cannot do dua for your brothers and sisters in pain today in entire in Ummah, then be sure that soon you will also be in their place — humiliated by the Kuffar!!

Ya Allah, Astaghfar !!!

Israeli scholar

Hadees e rasul 1

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Worst calamity upon this Ummah is that it starts to accept #Khawarij as the representatives of Ummah!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Worst calamity that can fall upon this Ummah is that it starts to accept the Khawarij as the representatives of the Ummah !! Many among us are still confused about Khawarij, creating divisions within the Ummah, while the Zionists with the help of Khawarij are rampaging within the Muslim lands…

There is no curse worse than being deaf, dumb and blind….

There is no khair better than having firasat of a Momin, sharah sadr of a Mohsin and Haqq ul Yaqeen of a Siddeeq!!



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Do collective repentence and ask Allah for great leadership, else humiliation is our collective fate!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Sadaqay Rasul Allah (sm)!! Isn’t this the time we are living in?? watch the scholars of today, watch their character in Ramazan, watch our so called beyghairat leader …. the entire Ummah suffers the same fate …

This is time for astaghfar ! dont waste this time left in Ramzan. Ask Allah for collective tauba and astaghfar and demand true and great leadership, else zillat and ruswai is our collective fate!!

Hadees e rasul

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#Palestine is responsibility of the #Ummah – Zaid Hamid

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

There is NOT a single leader in Muslim world today who would take such harsh stance against Israel, Britain, US & Jewry as Quaid e Azam did even before the creation of Pakistan. When Pakistan want not even created Quaid-e-Azam (ra) took the defense of Muslim world in his hand.

He warned that, if Palestine was partitioned: “Pakistan will have no other course left but to give its fullest support to the Arabs”. and he said that “Every man and woman of the Muslim world will die before Jewry seizes Jerusalem”. Quaid e Azam (ra) in 1945 addressed the western conspirators and warned them to keep their hand off Palestine “I wish Britain and America should keep their hand off and then I will see how the Jews conquer Jerusalem”. not only that Quaid e Azam (ra) even threatened US President by telling him that “It is not shame. It is monstrous and criminal. Why doesn’t President Truman take one million Jews into USA?”.

Pakistan has a history of defending Serya, Jordan, against Israeli aggression. When the Yom Kippur (1973), Arab–Israeli (1967) war broke out, Flight Lieutenant Sattar Alvi and Flight Lieutenant Saiful Azam were among the Pakistan Air Force fighter pilots who participated and destroyed Israeli fighter jets without suffering any losses.

Pakistan trains Palestinian Soldiers at Pakistan Military Academy. Now in this hour of need we should send our Pak Fauj and PAF to help Palestine. Not only personnl should be sent but also weapons and equipment should be dispatched by Pak Fauj ASAP!


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Even when #Jinnah did NOT have a country of his own, he stood tall and fought for #Palestine fiercely!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

This is our beloved Quaid !! How we miss him today when his party is hijacked by sood khor vultures, who can only think of metro buses when the Ummah is being decimated. This is the most dignified, honourable and tiger like stance of Quaid e Azam on Palestine, most of you have never seen! Read and feel the surge of dignity and honor passing through your veins and a gush of love and respect for this Soldier of Rasul Allah (sm).

He did NOT have a country of his own at that time, still he stood tall and fought for Palestine fiercely!! Allahu Akbar !


On October 12, 1945, Mr Jinnah said at Quetta,

“Every man and woman of the Muslim world will die before Jewry seizes Jerusalem. I hope the Jews will not succeed in their nefarious designs and I wish Britain and America should keep their hand off and then I will see how the Jews conquer Jerusalem. The Jews, over half a million, have already been accommodated in Jerusalem against the wishes of the people. May I know which other country has accommodated them? If domination and exploitation are carried now, there will be no peace and end of wars”.

Referring to the efforts made by President Truman to put pressure on British government to allow 100,000 Jews into Palestine, Mr. Jinnah said,

“here comes the President of a great country thinking entirely of Jewry and the interests of Jews. President Truman had the effrontery to put pressure on the British government to allow a million Jews into Palestine, while he has agreed, after a long period of vacillation, to allow only a 100 Indians to migrate to the United States of America”.

When a section of the audience shouted, ‘shame’, ‘shame’, Mr Jinnah turned around and exclaimed:

“It is not shame. It is monstrous and criminal. Why doesn’t President Truman take one million Jews into USA? The reason is that the Jews do not want a National Home in Palestine. What they want is to reconquer Palestine, which they lost 2000 years ago, with the help of British bayonets and American money”

Now if we just translate all the above mentioned statements of Quaid, he would sound like a Jihadi Mullah. This is why we don’t read this history in our books. Because Quaid –e-Azam wanted a Pakistan that would work for and fight for the entire muslim ummah.

In an interview with Duncan Hooper, Reuter’s correspondent, Mr. Jinnah warned that, if Palestine was partitioned:

“There was bound to be the gravest disaster and unprecedented conflict, not only between the Arabs and the Authority that would undertake to enforce the Partition plan, but the entire Muslim world will revolt… Pakistan will have no other course left but to give its fullest support to the Arabs”.

These are some direct quotes from Quaid’s speeches:

“May I point out to Great Britain that this question of Palestine, if not fairly and squarely met, boldly and courageously decided, is going to be the turning point in the history of the British Empire. I am sure I am speaking not only of the Mussalmans of India but of the world, and all sections of right thinking and fair-minded people will agree when I say that Great Britain will be digging its grave if she fails to honour her original proclamation, promises and intentions-pre-war.”

MA Jinnah’s Presidential Address at the Lucknow Session of the All-India Muslim League (15 to 18 October, 1937).

“The way in which the British Government have hitherto dealt with the Arabs is the greatest blot on their national honour.”

M A Jinnah on British Government’s Policy (New Times, November 27, 1938).

“But no nation, no people who are worth living as a nation, can achieve anything great without making great sacrifices, such as the Arabs of Palestine are making. All our sympathies are with those valiant martyrs who are fighting the battle of freedom against usurpers.”

MA Jinnah’s Presidential Address at the Annual Session
of the All India Muslim League held at Patna (26-29 December, 1938).

“If President Roosevelt, under the pressure of the powerful world Jewry, commits the blunder of forcing the British Government to do injustice to the Arabs in Palestine, it will set the whole Muslim world ablaze from one end to another. Grave wrongs had already been done to the Arabs. If the Jewish immigration is allowed to continue, I have no doubt that not only the Muslim League will revolt but the whole Muslim world will revolt.”
Speech of M A Jinnah at Strachey Hall Aligarh (10 March, 1944).

“We cannot remain silent and we must assure the Arabs that Indian Muslims will stand by them.”

M A Jinnah’s Speech at the Council of the All-India Muslim League (10 April, 1946).

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Another slap on the face of Khawarij and their mentally retarded supporters in #Pakistan!

By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Another slap on the face of Khawarij and their sick mentally retarded supporters in Pakistan ! Now what would TTP apologists say ?? Allah has humiliated them once again…. Allahu Akbar !

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